Brian exploringWelcome to Travelooney Blog.
I’m Brian, a travel-crazy Danish freelance writer. I love to share my travel tips, stories and photos from around Europe.

If you’d like to know how I became travelooney, you can read my story HERE.

My aim is to run an entertaining and informative travel blog focused on Europe
– only written from first-hand experiences.

A blog stuffed with insider tips and stories from the road. I want to present often overlooked destinations and show well-known places from unique perspectives. There is so much to discover in Europe, even for us Europeans who might find new adventures and underrated treasures just around the corner – but only if we’re curious to try something new or if we travel with a slightly different approach than last time.

On this blog you can search individual destinations in the menu. 

But you can also get inside Europe in different categories:

Eurolists is easy-read lists of experiences or travel tips combining cities or countries.

Inside Cities is where I give you more in depth insider tips to each city, to everything from quirky shops to funky cafés and things you simply can’t miss. And Go Green is all about nature, parks or environmental friendly hotspots.

Train Adventures 
is where I share my passion for travelling by train with posts from my train journeys around Europe – and I also have a section dedicated to another passion of mine: Street Art.

The Inside Europe section also includes a focus on events, tours and local customs under Xperience – and finally Unique Accommodation is where I present accommodation that is anything but ordinary hotels. 

On top of this, I’m sharing my thoughts and stories from past and present travel adventures, in Travel Thoughts and Travel Tales – to bring you with me on my trips around Europe.

I hope you’ll come along!