An offroad lifestyle

Offroad lifestyle

Finally I found some time for an update again. My recent travels from Spain to Switzerland and Denmark didn’t leave much time for reflection, but now I’ve settled for a few weeks in West Wales, where peace and past time is plentiful. And I already have a feeling that I’m in for one of my most unique travel experiences ever.Trefin 2

I am writing this blog post from a small hostel in Trefin. A Welsh village whi
ch you most likely haven’t heard of, and most likely will never visit. But you should see this place. Tucked away near the dramatic coastline of the 
Pembrokeshire region.

From my first walk along the coast, I was blown away by the scenery, and my girlfriend and I just looked at each other, thinking – this will be a great summer. But this isn’t an ordinary holiday. This is an adventure. A Workaway adventure. Cause we’re working at the hostel, helping out some extraordinary people with their extraordinary project, in exchange for food and a place to stay. And really this can’t be described as work, because for just a few hours hostel help a day, we get to be a little part of something special, and get to experience this place inside out.

Hooked on a feelingTrefin 9
Though we’ve just been here a few days, and though we don’t know where we will be in three months from now, this feels right. To live the simple life for a while – and to take it all in. My girlfriend left her stressed office job in Madrid behind, and I took my writing with me. And after Wales we’ll head up to the middle of Scotland until the end of September.

Trust me. At times it’s scary not knowing where we’ll be in three months time, but it also feels free. And we’re extremely blessed to have family and good friends who let us stay with them between our crazy projects. Without them, this offroad lifestyle wouldn’t be possible.

And while most people ask why? We say why not? And I can’t wait to share more of this travel adventure with you… so stay tuned.

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer