6 things you’ll miss in photos from Pembrokeshire

Coastal Path 18

If you type in ‘Pembrokeshire coast’ on Google images, you’ll get a long list of stunningly beautiful scenes from the wild wild Wales. But trust me, the coastline of Pembrokeshire is one of those places that are impossible to really capture in a photo – luckily. After all it would be boring not having to leave your home for this. So here are 6 things you’ll miss out on, unless you get up, pack your walking boots and go west! (By the way.. life IS peaceful there).

SeeNoemí at the coast

Even the best photo doesn’t really capture the greatness of this wild and rugged coastline, where waves are crashing against the sharp slate and the sky seems larger than ever. The sheer size of this cut-off coastline will blow you away, while the ocean is surprisingly petrol blue. Even the grass seems greener… honestly.


Ahh.. a fresh coastal breeze, of salty waters mixed with a slight touch of seaweed. There is something about the ocean – even the smell. Just don’t get too close to the cows.


Back to the crashing waves. Most of us love this relaxing sound – but listen closely at the stone-filled bays, as the tide gets lower. The rippling sounds of the water rolling back over the pebbles is addictive. Mix it up with the occasional calls of the soaring seagulls, and you’ll hear freedom.

FeelCoastal Path 20

On photos you miss out on the wind in your hair, your muscles tightening as you climb another hill, and sore feet after a long days walk. Though you might not feel the need for sore feet – there is something very rewarding of walking the coast path, and ‘conquering’ this land. Plus your holiday will leave you in fabulous shape (just go easy on the Welshcakes).


Another reward is the ‘carrot’ at the end of each days walk. A pint and a good meal at the cozy pubs in the villages along the way. Try local specialities like Welsh rarebit, cawl with lamb meat, or potato and leek soup. And since you’re in Wales – wash it all down with a tasty cider.


It all adds up to a great, active and stunningly attractive holiday, in the land of sheeps and dragons. Days packed with happy moments and smiles as you pass fellow walkers along the way.

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer