Scotland’s touristy treat: Deepfried Mars bar

Mars bar header

Can I have a deepfried Mars bar, please?” This is the most awkward order I ever had to make, but sometimes you have to sacrifice in the name of travel blogging – or due to curiousity.

Years ago I heard about this “Scottish treat” for the first time, in a travelprogram on tv, and now when I found myself in Scotland I had to give it a try. This battered chocolate bar is candy’s answer to fish & chips, and was “invented” in 1995 at the ‘Haven Chip Bar’ (now renamed ‘The Carron’) in Stonehaven. A coastal village a short drive south of Aberdeen.

– “You won’t have to eat for two weeks after that”

I always wondered how this happened. Did someone accidently drop a marsbar in the oil while preparing fish & chips, and thought.. hmm.. not bad!? Actually it isn’t. It’s one of those things that sounds disgusting, and then when you try, you realise it’s not that bad at all. But not excellent either.Mars bar 1

I had the pleasure of trying this at the Old Blackfriars in downtown Aberdeen, where it was served with vanilla ice cream and bit of caramel sauce – as if you needed it more sweet. But I have to say it makes for a quite tasty dessert, though it’s extremely heavy. Even a local in the pub came by our table and said: “You won’t have to eat for two weeks after that”.

It’s obvious that this is offered for tourists, and not much more than a way to lure curious visitors like me into pubs and takeaways. It’s not on the daily menu of the Scottish, and many seem to dislike the reputation it leaves on the local cuisine. Recently ‘The Carron’ where it all started was asked to remove a banner, which proudly states: “Birthplace of the world famous deepfried Mars bar”. And even the company behind the Mars bar, has publicly said they don’t aprove of frying their product.

This might not reach the myth-level of the Loch Ness Monster, but you might wanna give it a go next time you cross the Scottish border.

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer