3 great buskers from the streets of Edinburgh

During my recent trip to Scotland, I had the pleasure of calling Edinburgh my home for a couple of weeks, and with plenty of time to walk the streets of this proud capital, I got to enjoy some really talented buskers. I mean, other than the tartan clad bagpipers.

While buskers are found in most cities, Edinburgh seems to be a special place for music’s travelling talent – not at least during the city’s famed Fringe Festival that takes over the city for six weeks each year. But afterwards some buskers hang around to enjoy the increased focus, and you as a visitor have a better chance to enjoy each artist on their own.

Here are three cool buskers I came by in Edinburgh…


Sam Ness – USASam Ness CD
Sam is a brave young man from Wisconsin USA, who has set out to tour Europe with his
guitar. A talented singer-songwriter with a great voice. I met Sam as we shared the same hostel in downtown, and had the pleasure of hearing him perform both on the streets and at an open-mic night at a local bar.

He has recently released an EP featuring 5 tracks, but you should check out his melancholic song ‘Into The Wild’, which I used for my travel video from West Wales. Or find him on Facebook. I have since also done an online-interview with Sam


JoniSheilaJoni Sheila – Belgium
Joni is half Filipino and half Belgian and she grew up in the city of Ghent in Belgium. A talented and energetic singer-songwriter with a range of both upbeat and quiet songs. I heard Joni perform at the same open mic night as Sam, where she put on a powerful performance.

Check out her song ‘Green Eyes’ on Youtube and also her website where you can listen to 10 songs from her album ‘Change’.



Matthew Lennox CD


Matthew Lennox – Canada
This extremely talented guitarist from Vancouver in Canada is one of those street performers that Immediately draws your attention, and I was lucky enough to find him on my way around town two times. He leaves you wondering how his guitar can survive more than just a few songs, because Mr. Lennox can really “smash” a guitar – in the best possible way – and make it sound amazing. Utilizing his guitar as a drumkit too and adding some beatboxing makes for some awesome instrumental tunes. Check out this busking video on Youtube or follow him on Facebook.

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer