Life in Pembrokeshire: Back in time for babyseals

Babyseals 1

After almost two months of touring England and Scotland, my girlfriend and I are now back in West Wales and precious Pembrokeshire, where the indicator is about to change from summer to fall.

It was a long ride by bus from the east coast of Scotland to the west coast of Wales. But we split the trip in a few stages and got a glimpse of both Glasgow and Manchester on the way down south, before spending a couple of days with good friends in Cardiff.

Earlier this summer we spent all of July here in Pembrokeshire and the small village of Trefin, and quickly fell in love with the beauty of its rugged coastline. And since returning back here a week ago it has only gotten better, as it’s high season for spotting babyseals on the secluded beaches.Babyseals 2

The grey seals have their babies from September to November, and their snow-white and fluffy pups are easily spottet resting on the beaches, while their parents are hunting and patroling the sea.

Our small local bay, just a 10 minute walk from home, seems to be the home of at least two grey seal families, and what a treat it is to witness a wild seal feeding her cub, and watching them swim and play in the clear water – even from up high on the coastal path.

It’s easy to get lost in the moment, but also important to respect the wildness of the nature and give the seals their space for family life. Therefore we keep our distance and let only the zoom of the camera get very close, while we hold our breath and take in the wonder of it all.


The weather has been absolutely stunning since our return to Pembrokeshire, which has made it all so much better. And yesterday we went on a short 45 minute hike to the nearby village of Porthgain. A picturesque little seaside village, where I got the chance to join the local rowing club for the evening – taking on the waters of the Irish Sea in a beautiful 6-man wooden rowing boat.Rowingboat 1

This was my first real try at rowing and I can tell you – it wasn’t easy. But what an amazing moment to row out on the calm sea, with oars adorned by the welsh dragon, and with the sunset glistening on the ocean’s roof. While the occasional seal popped it’s curious head up to see what was going on.

And while struggling to keep up with the rhythm of my fellow boatsmen, I got confirmation that the Pembrokeshire coastline is as impressive from a seal’s perspective.


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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer