The 5 most amazing views I’ve had this year

‘Room with a view’ is one of my favourite songs by the popular Danish singer/songwriter Tina Dickow – and a great view is always high on my list whenever I visit a new place. But it doesn’t have to be from my room, as I don’t mind doing a bit of walking or taking a train to reach the perfect lookout. This year to enjoy some truly impressive views here in Europe – in Spain, Switzerland, Wales and Scotland.

Hereby my 5 most memorable…


Top 5 views Madrid

Who knew you could see snow in Madrid during the summer? Just head to the rooftop terrace of the art building Circulo de Bellas Artes and look north – and you might be able to see snowclad mountain tops on the horizon.

This is definitely one of the best views from downtown Madrid, and other than the natural wonders in the distance, you’ll easily spot the iconic Metropolis Building, the impressive Palacio de Cibeles and other landmarks of the capital’s skyline.

While living in Madrid I went up here a few times just for this view – though you have to pay a small entrance fee for the gallery. An elevator takes you to the top, where you can enjoy a drink from the bar while you take it all in.


Top 5 views Jungfraujoch

When you take a train to the highest located trainstation in Europe, you know you’re in for a great view – and you won’t be disappointed.

As I set out to discover Switzerland by train, I began my journey in Interlaken and couldn’t miss the nearby Jungfraujoch Railway. A train that simply takes you up through a couple of mountains on the way to the ‘Top of Europe’, where there is 18% less oxygen in the air. But the view to the surrounding mountains and the spectacular Aletsh Glacier is what really leaves you breathless – above the clouds at 3.571 meters above sea level. Truly Impressive!


On my quest for a good view to the mighty Matterhorn during my Tour de Swiss, I left downtown of ski-crazy Zermatt behind and jumped on the Gornergratbahn. The highest open-air railway in Europe.

It takes you to the top of Gornergrat,Top 5 views Gornergrat
where on a sunny day you’ll have a postcard-perfect view to the Matterhorn, which the famous Swiss Toblerone chocolate is said to have gotten its iconic shape from.

Unfortunately clouds were covering my view to the mythical mountain, but even without its main character, the view from Gornergrat was awe inspiring.
I could have stayed for hours spotting bright blue glacier lakes between all this magnificence.


Calling the Pembrokeshire region in West Wales my home for a couple of months, I have had the chance to explore its beloved and rugged coastline intensively. Top 5 views PembrokeshireWith my base in the small village of Trefin with just a 5 minute walk to the sea, I have had plenty of chances to enjoyed this natural wonder.

Hiking here never gets old, with dramatic cliffs of colourful slate, topped by fifty shades of green and inhabited by thousands and fluffy white sheep. Underneath grey seals are patrolling the petrol blue bays, while their cubs on the remote beaches pump up the cuteness barometer to a dangerously high level. Unforgettable!


I had the pleasure of spending more than two weeks in the charming Scottish’s capital Edinburgh, and finally made it to the towering Arthur’s Seat just a few days Top 5 views Edinburghbefore leaving. And I was happy I did.

It’s not often you find a city with such natural highs just a few minutes walk from one of the main streets. This peak in Holyrood Park gives you a perfect panoramic view to the city and the ocean, from an altitude of up to 250 meters.

The walk up is relatively easy and it’s absolutely free – so there is no excuse not to climb Edinburgh’s ‘downtown mountain’.

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer