7 amazing dogs I’ve met while travelling

Porthgain 1

Meeting dogs around the world on your travels can lead to good stories and local experiences. Because if you meet the dog – you meet the owner. Our four legged friends are good ice-breakers and create natural ways of meeting people, on the streets or in the park.

I love dogs and my girlfriend loves them even more, so we’ve gotten the chance to meet some amazing tail-wagging beauties on our trips and while living abroad.

Here’s a few of them – and the stories behind.

Kati in Galicia, Spain

This is Kati – my girlfriend’s grandparent’s dog. Kati is a foxy-looking mixed breed and she lives with her owners in a tiny mountain village in the region of Galicia in Spain. Here she is free to roam around the fields at any time, as she’s living a free life around the small farm house. Always ready to follow whoever goes for a walk in the beautiful scenery, and always protective by your side. Galicia is truly a stunning part of Spain, but often overlooked by tourists.

CuencaHusky in Cuenca, Spain

While exploring the rustic city of Cuenca in central Spain, my girlfriend and I came by the main square and found three extaordinary beautiful huskies standing beside a Greenpeace van. We never found out why, as no one was around – but I got the chance to shoot some photos of these majestic and wolf-like dogs. The husky is one of my favourite breeds, and I would love to experience a husky farm in the colds of Lapland one day.

Porthgain 2The “polar bear” in Porthgain, Wales

This giant “polar bear” is as good-hearted as he’s big, spending his days outside his owners little gallery in the village of Porthgain in West Wales. We met him a few times while living three months on the west coast, and also had some nice chats with his owner. The gentle giant is a Pyrenean Mountain Dog and he loves cuddles from locals and tourists who visit the gallery.

BathSummer in Bath, England

While travelling around the UK in 2015 we got to spend ten days in Bath – a charming English city with a unique Italian feel. Here we helped a good friend restore a student house and met the local handyman Bill who brought his dog Summer around while working on the house. Summer is a Staffordshire Terrier, a breed with a bad reputation, but this lovely girl proved to be an angel around us.

MartignyRoxana and Thalia in Martigny, Switzerland

During my magnificent train journey around Switzerland last summer I made sure to have a day Martigny. A lesser-known city in the French speaking part of the country. The reason I wanted to jump of the train here was dogs – or more specifically the St Bernard museum Barryland, dedicted to the fluffy national symbol. Other than the interesting museum, people can book walks with real St Bernards in the beautiful surroundings, and I had the pleasure of accompanying the two beautiful ladies pictured; Roxana and Thalia.

Madrid TitoTito in Madrid, Spain

While living in downtown Madrid for one year, my girlfriend signed up at dogbuddy.com – a website that connects dogowners with dogloving people available for dogsitting. A service that is very useful in big cities like the Spanish capital, where surprisingly many people have dogs. Our first visitor became a well-behaved Pug named Fanta, but through the website we also met some sweet locals in our street. Once in a while we took care of their adorable dog Tito, who had been rescued from a dog-shelter, and quickly both the family and Tito became our great friends.

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer