Review: Keep track of your stuff with a travel wallet

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You might have experienced it more than once. The feeling when you’re about to check in at the airport and you suddenly can’t find your passport – although you swear you just had it! Or when you’re desperately trying to find the confirmation papers you printed for your hotel booking. And by the way – where do you keep your extra sim card safe when swapping it for a forign version on your journey?

I like to know where I have my stuff when I travel and to be able to easily find it when needed. And for that I used to carry with me a quite heavy A4-sized ‘folder’, taking up a lot of precious space in my hand luggage. Therefore it was spot on when I found a cool looking ‘travel wallet’ at a funky store in Madrid, designed to carry all the essentials: A couple of passports, flight tickets, hotel booking papers, business- and credit cards, and other documents – as well as a pen, small valuables like coins, stamps and that extra sim card. Best thing is that it’s very light and only meassures 14 cm x 24 cm.

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The ‘Paper Plane’ series


Admitted, I fell as much for the design as the practicality, and I promised myself I would buy this one day (trying to live of travel writing limits your budget at times). But I finally got my hands on this beauty the other day – and while I was at it I bought a more feminine version for my girlfriend, as she is in love with this piece of travel accessory too.

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The ‘In a Nutshell’ series

These travel wallets are designed by the UK based company Disaster Designs, and comes in several colourful and creative versions. They’re made of a soft but resistant material and will easily fit in a handbag. I bought ours in the O2 Lifestyle shop (Calle del Carmen 14) in downtown Madrid, but they can also be found in lifestyle shops in the UK and around Europe.

I can’t wait to bring it on my next trip!


* This review is NOT sponsored in any way, but only based on my own opinion.
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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer

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