Travel Style: Keep it simple – the natural look


Travelling inspires you in many ways – also when it comes to finding your personal style. After all you find many interesting shops in big cities, that you might not come across in your hometown.

I was never a big fan of watches. I like some designs, but I rarely seem to find one that fit me very well. I often find men’s watches to be a bit over the top. Too much bling and way too many functions that you’ll never need, unless you’re a deep sea diver, a fighther pilot or a mountaineer. But of course that’s the image they want to sell you.

No thanks, I like to keep it simple. More natural. That’s why I was excited to finally find my perfect match – a wooden watch from the Spanish design store Salvador Bachiller, which cab be found at several locations in Madrid, as well as in other Spanish cities. They sell everything from suitcases to sunglasses and tableware, but they are probably best known locally for their womens bags.


I got my first wooden watch from the store a couple of years ago when my girlfriend gave me the first edition, and it has honestly been my favourite watch. Very light and comfortable, and with a natural ‘travel style’ look that I love. And mny times have I gotten questions from friends or even strangers; “Is that real wood?” or “where did you buy that?”.

So last week I couldn’t resist buying the new version – this time in dark wood (light version available too) and with a few new details compared to my first one. But generally the same design, still unisex and with the same comfort. I love it. And you’ll be surprised to find the price to be just €40.


I can recommend to visit the store if you find yourself in Madrid. Especially the one at Calle de la Montera, as this one offers a wonderful “secret” rooftop garden as well as an elegant tea salon. But of course you can also find the watch on their webshop.

(This review is NOT sponsored in any way, but only a personal recommendation)

By Brian Schæfer Dreyer