Guest post: 10 Ways to travel safely as a woman


Travel has become an increasingly common phenomenon as the income levels have increased in the last few decades. Women too are freer now and have disposable income to make travel a part of their lives either for leisure or for work. The level of security for women travelling alone hasn’t increased at the same rate as the number of women travelling alone has increased so it is important that they make their security a priority when they travel alone. Although there is a large number of things which need to be taken care of whenever a single woman is going on a trip alone but the best strategy is to always be careful of one’s surroundings and stay vigilant and use one’s common sense whenever facing something unfamiliar.


One of the most important things you should do before embarking on a trip to a foreign place is to conduct a thorough search for your destination and the people who’re going to be in your vicinity. If possible, always try to find the accommodation in safer areas of the town or the city you’re visiting. This research can include checking the websites catering to tourists such as Trip Advisor etc. If you find your space on room sharing services such as Airbnb then check for places which have been reviewed by a large number of people and also make a quick check on some of the reviewers that they’ve reviewed other places as well.

Find Someone Local

If your trip is related to work then there shouldn’t be much of a problem in finding someone local to escort you when you arrive. If you can’t someone related to work then there are many helpful networks which allow female travelers to connect with each other who can then meet up and give advice on local customs and traditions and the ways to travel safely.

Tell Home

Whenever you’re traveling alone, you should have a thorough plan in place and someone from home should know everything about it so they’re able to help you immediately and effectively if such a need ever arises. Staying in constant touch with someone from home will also keep them free from worrying.


Traveling alone in a foreign land doesn’t just mean that you have to take care of yourself but you also need to take care of your travel documents and IDs as well. A simple trick is to take a photograph of all your important travel documents and save them in a cloud storage service like DropBox or Google Drive; this will help even if you lose all your documents as well as your phone.

Pack Light

Packing light gives the impression that one is a local or someone who is familiar with the area whereas carrying big bags screams foreigner and makes for an easy target. A smaller bag also gives you more mobility should the need ever arise. You can get some high-quality portable bags from The North Face.

Cash – Only as Much as You Need

It is not a good idea to take all your cash with you wherever you go. In fact, you should divide your cash into three portions. The first in your pocket, the second in your bag and the major part of your cash should stay at a safety locker in your hotel.

External Phone Charger

Often our smartphones give up on us when we need them the most. Instead of crying when this happens, a good strategy is to keep a fully charged external battery with you at all times on your trip. This’ll ensure that regardless of the circumstances, you’ll have your phone running.

Avoid Unwanted Attention

A lot of times all it takes to keep one secure is just blending in with the crowds. Researching about the customs and weather patterns of an area can help you in blending in with the locals and make you less of a target for mugging etc.


It is always a good idea to keep multiple hotel keys with you. At least two keys are the bare minimum you should go for. One key should be in your bag with your belongings and the other one should be on you. This’ll ensure that you’re not locked out even if your bag has been taken away.

Taxi Safety

One should avoid traveling in a taxi at late hours in a foreign country but if it necessary then you should take a picture of the taxi plate and send it to someone you trust. You should also keep a track of the taxi on Google Maps to see if the taxi driver is going off route. If you feel that the taxi drivers is going off then place a call, either real or fake, and say that you’ll be there in some expected number of minutes along with the number of the taxi.

This guest post is written by Frank Lee, who works at Rebates Zone