8 European cities I can’t wait to revisit – and why

Discovering and exploring a new city is one of my favourite things in the world. To step out of the train station or the airport, ready to get to know my way around and to take in a new atmosphere.

That being said, we all find places along the way that we would love to revisit for one reason or another. Maybe we fell completely in love with this place, maybe we didn’t have enough time during our first visit, or maybe the season or the weather wasn’t perfect.

While my personal “to-discover-list” is almost endless and grows bigger everytime I visit a new travel blog, surf on Instagram or read a travel magazine, I also have many cities I would love to revisit as soon as possible. And here are a few of them…



I “discovered” the Swiss capital Bern on an Interrail trip back in 2009, and from I stepped out of its train station the city was a positive surprise. Honestly I found it to be very underrated among European capitals, but maybe because it doesn’t really feel like a capital, and I mean that as a compliment. The charm and setting of Bern is rivalled by few other capitals in Europe, with its historic arcades, the strong and green Aare river snaking around the old town and the mountains just around the corner. A trip with the funicular to the top of Gurten, the city’s local mountain, was among the highlights. I can’t wait to visit Bern again.

Why I’ll go back: Because of the combination of the authentic old town and the wonderful natural scenery surrounding this city.




Lugano is another Swiss city I got hooked on, as I toured Switzerland by train during a work trip in 2015. It was a trip of a lifetime that unfortunately left me with less than 24 hours in Lugano – located in the Italian speaking part of the country (Actually Lugano is the biggest Italian speaking city outside of Italy). Besides my limited time there, the weather was surprisingly bad that day, with rain and heavy clouds putting a lit on the beautiful scenery, and limiting my express-expedition around the city. But I still got a sense of the atmopshere, enhanced by Lake Lugano between mountains of green, and I hope to return with more time… and more sun.

Why I’ll go back: In a country of endless beauty Lugano seems to be ranking high, and I have a thing for lakeside-cities.



Paris has been my love for many years and it’s the city I have been visiting the most, besides Madrid and Cardiff I have both called home. These days I love to discover under-the-radar kind of cities, but Paris has stolen my heart despite being one of the most popular cities in the world. I guess there is a reason for its general popularity. It’s not really about the big attractions for me. It’s more about the beauty and the atmosphere, and about the charm of letting yourself get lost in the different neighbourhoods. Just wandering the streets or hanging out along the banks of the Seine is pure magic to me, and I will always be coming back.

Why I’ll go back: Once you have started you will never finish with Paris – because the atmosphere is its biggest attraction, and I simply need a dose of it once in a while. I used to go once a year, but haven’t been back since I started travel writing.



I didn’t know much about Vienna before I visited during an Interrail trip back in 2011. Besides that sweet pastry cakes are called “Wienerbrød” in Danish (Vienna Bread). The same thing being called “Danish” in the UK. I wonder what they call it in Vienna??

The Austrian capital proved to be a positive surprise, and for some reason I found it to have a touch of both Paris and Berlin, while at the same time being completely its own. Vienna offers a magnificent cityscape of both historic and modern architecture, as well as interesting shops, galleries, cafés, plenty of cool street art and green spaces. I also got a chance to catch a hockey game while visiting, watching the Vienna Capitals. I would love to go back and explore more, now as a travel writer.

Why I’ll go back: I loved the mix of new and old and the beautiful architecture. It seems like a great place to go hunting for funky cafés and unique shops, and a city with tons of blogger-material.



Years back I had the pleasure of touring around Southern France quite a few times, on roadtrips, on camping tours and by Interrail. A region with wondeful cities like Nice and Avignon, but one city I would especially like to revisit is Montpellier. I have been there a couple of times, and I’ve been playing a big petanque tournament there in 1999 and 2002. But each time I visited my time to explore was very limited, and I would love to return with my notebook and camera.

Why I’ll go back: From what I have experienced the city has a great atmosphere, not at least around its main square Place de la Comédie. I can’t wait to get the chance to really discover this city, which often seem to stand in the shadow of cities like Nice and Cannes.



The world famous Italian capital is definitely one of the most beautiful cities I have visited. A rustic charm and historic beauty that begs you to wander its street by day and night. I took advantage of staying for a handful of days after disembarking a cruiseship at the Civitavecchia harbour near Rome back in 2010, and didn’t regret for a second although the heat was heavy in mid-July. I was blown away by this city which gives you the feeling of walking around a huge open air museum. I loved hanging out at Piazza Navona and the mighty St. Peter’s Square after dark, and I can’t wait to go back.

Why I’ll go back: Like with Paris I don’t think you ever “finish” with Rome, and having been just one time I have much more to discover – not at least more local parts of the city.

Sunny Edinburgh


Although staying at a hostel, I can kind of say I was once living in Edinburgh, as my girlfriend and I were otherwise technically “homeless” while touring the UK in 2015. A journey through Wales, England and Scotland (and back), that led us to the Scottish capital and short-time jobs in a backpacker’s hostel in downtown. We were excited to get to explore Edinburgh thoroughly while working a few hours most mornings, and we both fell in love with this very special city and the scenery surrounding it.

Why I’ll go back: There is still a lot for me to discover in Edinburgh, and I would love to go back during its world famous Fringe Festival at some point.



While enjoying my first and so far only cruise back in 2010, we got a chance to take a daytrip to Athens while the ship made a stop at the port of Piraeus in Greece. It was my first time in Greece (we also visited the island of Crete), and it was very limited how much of this great city we could cover in just one day. We made it to the mandatory Acropolis, and though being a high-profile tourist spot, the view was breathtaking and worth the warm walk up.

Why I’ll go back: As my time was extremely limited first time around I would love to go back and see much more, as well as much more of Greece. And not at least try more of this country’s delicious food.

SO, which cities can’t you wait to revisit? Let me know in the comments below…
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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer