Live from… Cardiff: It’s time to go north on a train adventure

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Even a small country like Wales can offer massive contrasts. Yesterday I arrived in Cardiff by train from the west coast of the naturally stunning Pembrokeshire region, and even though Cardiff isn’t a metropolis like London or Madrid, the differences are striking. From watching the setting sun quietly dive into the Irish sea one day – to a train full of people going to a monster truck show at Principality Stadium the next.

The contrast hits harder after several weeks in a little sleepy coastal village, but that is what makes travelling so interesting. Knowing that it all goes on at the same time within a relatively short train journey can be a mindblowing thought. Wild seals in a secluded bay in Pembrokeshire – masses of people heading downtown for a night out in Cardiff.

Boat tour 1

Seals at Ramsey Island in Pembrokeshire, West Wales

The Hayes downtown.jpg

The Hayes in central Cardiff, South Wales

Personally I’m ready for more contrasts, as I’m heading to the mountainous North Wales Monday morning. Although I’m starting off with a visit to the central west coast and popular Aberystwyth (have a go at pronouncing that). Having spent collectively more than a year in Cardiff and more than 4 months in Pembrokeshire, it’s time to add another chapter to my Welsh lovestory – and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Travelling on a BritRail Pass will make it even more exciting, as I follow the national tracks around the north while also including several independent mountain railways. Along the way I’ll be visiting some truly spectacular places and attractions, so keep an eye on the blog and be sure to ‘LIKE’ my Facebook page to get all the updates and the bonus material that I post there.

Let’s go!

By Brian Schæfer Dreyer