Cardiff: Princes & Paupers is a vintage wonder


I discovered it by a coincidence as I was shooting some photos in the lovely Castle Arcade in downtown Cardiff. My favourite of the Victorian and Edwardian arcades in the Welsh capital. I have been visiting this arcade many times but never really wandered upstairs to the balcony-level much. I’m glad I did this time.

Take a look in there” says a random customer coming out from a shop. “There’s a dog sleeping in a suitcase”. A sight we couldn’t miss as my girlfriend is a huge dog-lover. So we entered the atmospheric and workshop-looking ‘Princes & Paupers‘. And what a wonderful surprise!


We were welcomed by the passionate owner Al, who has moved to Cardiff from Newcastle to set up his unique little shop. A shop which is focused on vintage style menswear and specialized in denim ad tweed products. In fact the shops has its own denim-line named Work Ethic Denim, which can be customized in many ways and is locally sustainable, as it’s being made in Wales.


The intimite little shop oozes masculinity in a noble way, with a tip of the hat to the sea and the maritime style. A bite of “the good old days” right here in the present, where you can equip yourself with a tweed bow-tie and have your shoes shined on the home-made “throne”, which is an attraction in itself. You’ll also find unique products like beard-oil and quirky-collectibles, and the shop is almost like a little vintage-style museum where you keep spotting cool details. It sure is made with love.



The best detail of them all is the adorable Jack Russel terrier “Lady” who is in fact sleeping in her little suitcase – as well as functioning as an irresistible dog-model. Because this shop isn’t just catering for the two-legged, but also offers four-legged customers the tail-wagging brand named Princes and Pawpers. Cool tweed and denim dogwear, like coats, bow-ties and collars – all made from scratch.


This shop is an absolute can’t miss in Cardiff and so is the Castle Arcade, which is a part of the Castle Quarter. Since I visited in september Princes and Paupers has expanded to the 2nd floor, and I can’t wait to get back to check it out.





Princes and Paupers

28 The Balcony, Castle Arcade

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer