2 years: Top 10 blog posts of Travelooney Blog

Top 10 blog posts

This month Travelooney Blog celebrates two years of travel inspiration!
It’s been two years of hard but exciting work trying to get this travelblog going, and there’s still a lot of work to do. But most importantly I really enjoy sharing my insider tips and travel stories here, and hopefully some of you have been or will be inspired to travel to some of these amazing destinations, hiding in each little corner of Europe. Personally I have still so many places to cover, as these first few years have mainly been focused on Spain, Switzerland, Denmark and the UK.

Reaching two years of Travelooney blogging, I wanted to share this list featuring the most read blog posts so far… so take a look and thanks for keeping up!

1) 5 Danish Christmas traditions you might not know

5 Danish Christmas Traditions 4

2) 7 typical reactions when you tell a foreigner you’re Danish

Danish flag

3) Aberystwyth – the unmissable gateway between north and south

Aberystwyth Promenade

4) The dilemma of being an International couple

International couple 1

5) 5 things I love about Caernarfon in North Wales


6) West Wales: A daytrip to Cardigan


7) A gigantic hockey experience in Belfast


8) 6 things you’ll miss in photos from Pembrokeshire

Coastal Path 18

9) Mercado de Motores – the perfect market in Madrid


10) Titanic Belfast – the world’s top attraction is found in Northern Ireland

Belfast blog 8


By Brian Schæfer Dreyer