Live from Denmark: Re-discovering my home

Rediscovering my home 3

Visiting the lighthouse of Helnæs – a peninsula of Fyn (Funen)

I’ve been touching this topic on the blog before, but one cliché I can personally confirm is how you start seeing your hometown and own country in a different light after having been abroad for extended periods of time.

Over time things naturally change, but you also start noticing new details in things that have been around forever. And you start appreciating things about your home that you were admiring in places abroad.

Rediscovering my home 1

River cruise boat on ‘Odense Å’

These last few years I have spent very limited time in Denmark during the summer months – and if you’re Danish you know how much the summer means to us Danes. We’re waiting for the lighter and warmer days all year, and they usually come with a unique atmosphere and traditions like barbecue nights on the terrace and trips to the coast.

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So, I’m happy to finally get my bite of Danish summer again before travelling on to England in July, and I try to make the most of it with expeditions around my home island of Fyn (Funen) and elsewhere.

Rediscovering my home 2

Summer atmosphere at ‘Munke Mose’ in downtown Odense

My hometown Odense (or one of them) is going through major changes these years – and it’s still developing from day-to-day in every way. New cafés, bars and restaurants open each month and new neighbourhoods are rising from the grounds. The already jampacked cultural calendar is also being expanded every year with new festivals – and the approach and the local atmosphere has completely changed in just a few years. The big wheel is spinning the right way and I love it!

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Rediscovering my home 4

Beach cottages near Marstal on the island of Ærø (Aero)

Therefore I plan on adding some new Danish content to the blog soon – as well as a lot of new visual inspiration on my Instagram profile. Just two days ago I visited the island of Ærø (Aero) for the first time and was blown away by this picturesque pearl in “my own backyard”.

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer