Kerteminde in Denmark: Let’s go for an ice cream

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Sunny skies above the marina of Kerteminde in Denmark

Summer in Denmark does not necessarily mean high temperatures and blue skies, but when the sun shines bright above our little nation – we Danes flock to our beaches and coastal towns to take it all in.

…and if you live centrally or on the eastern part of the island of Funen (Fyn), there is one particular place that’s like a magnet to sun-loving and ice cream craving locals: Kerteminde. A charming little coastal town on the northeastern corner of the island with a population of just under 6.000.

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Kerteminde’s main shopping street

But Kertemindes fame is bigger than it’s “body” and the local area offers an interesting mix of cultural attractions such as Johannes Larsen Museet dedicated to the local painter famous for his bird paintings, Fjord&Bælt which is a combined marine life attractions and research institution – and Vikingemuseet Ladby which presents the Danes’ viking past. Just to mention a few.

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A new developement along the banks of the harbour makes it easy to enjoy a sunny day

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Charming but with an urban touch. A street art mermaid at the habour of Kerteminde.

On top of that Kerteminde has the largest fishing harbour of Funen, and several popular fish restaurants as well as a large marina, that brings in many sailing tourists during the summer months.

But for local islanders from out of town, one of the main attractions on sunny days is without a doubt a visit to Vaffelhuset (The Waffle House), where the queue for freshly baked waffles filled with ice cream can be seen stretching along the street on summer weekends. And the ice cream was also one of the main reasons for my recent visit, as well as a stroll through the town and along the central and sandy beach ‘Nordstranden’ (The Northern Beach). Another smaller stretch of beach ‘Sydstranden’ (The Southern Beach) can also be found just south of the inlet that runs through the town and into the large fjord Kerteminde Fjord.

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Vaffelhuset is located in Trollegade where a look inside Høkeren is another must-do in Kerteminde. An old-style shop brimful of classic toys and all kinds of stuff from wooden baskets and kitchen tools. In the building connected you’ll also find a gallery of paintings and jewellery at Galleri KIK.

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‘Høkeren’ is a must-visit when exploring Kerteminde

The most famous piece of art though is definitely the granite sculpture of the fishing girl named Amanda, who’s standing by the side of the road when you cross the little bridge from the heart of the town. A popular figure included in a song and the name Amanda is widely used by businesses and boats in town.

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The large marina can take on hundreds of visiting boats

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Nordstranden – “The Northern Beach” – is mainly busy on summer weekends

Not far from Amanda, on the other side of the bridge, I came across the wonderful Lulu’s Café & Boutique which seems to have a nice vibe and plenty of interesting products and treats to offer. Unfortunately I only had time for a peak inside this time around, but it’s definitely on my list for my next visit.

Kerteminde is Funen’s coastal charm in a nutshell. It has a lot more to offer than mentioned here and shouldn’t be missed when exploring the island – or Denmark in general.

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer