Live from… Bath: A new home in South England

Live from Bath 2

For a long time I’ve been dreaming about a great place to write. A quiet place with the right atmosphere – a room with a view. And now I have it. At least temporarily, but then again most things are. In fact I’m sitting here right now as I’m typing this – overlooking a quiet street in a lovely neighbourhood, just outside the center of Bath in South England.

Live from Bath 1

The view down the street from my current “office” in Bath

I find that Bath isn’t that well known by people outside the UK, and personally I didn’t know it before a good friend brought my girlfriend and I here on a daytrip back in 2013, while we were living in Cardiff. Since then I’ve been spending more time in this wonderful city, which might be one of the most beautiful in the UK (haven’t seen them all yet). And now we’re back, as we got the chance to borrow an empty student house for the summer.

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Live from Bath 3

Streets of Bath, South England

Bath definitely has got its share of tourists, as it’s a great base for exploring county of Somerset, the famous Stonehenge monument and South England in general. Even my beloved Wales isn’t far away. But the city itself is spectacular with its golden stone buildings, its Georgian architecture and its towering Abbey surrounded by the Avon river. Not to speak of the city’s main attraction: The Roman Baths.

Live from Bath 4

A busker entertains a crowd near the Roman Baths

Those are all things I have already presented – or will be writing more about on the blog soon. For now I’m settling in and trying to get to know my way around the city’s lively streets, where exciting cafés and restaurants are tempting on every corner, and I feel truly blessed to get to experience “everyday life” in yet another foreign city – this time in England.

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Live from Bath 5

Threatening clouds over Pulteney Bridge that crosses the river Avon in Bath

Forget about Brexit for a second, because people here in Bath seem open and friendly, and my girlfriend (being Spanish) even found a job in less than a week. And while she’ll be working in connection with one of the city’s main tourist attractions, I’ll be typing away in my lovely new “office” where I will finally get the chance to catch up with my material that’s been piling up from recent trips – and I can’t wait to share my tips and experiences from Switzerland, Scotland and North Spain. So keep an eye on the blog and be sure to follow Travelooney Blog on Facebook to get the latest updates!

Soon I’ll also go exploring some “exotic” destinations around the UK…

By Brian Schæfer Dreyer