Live from… Isle of Man: A true island-adventure

Live from IOM - 1

Waiting for the steam train in Castletown

If you follow my Facebook page you might have noticed that I’m on the Isle of Man at the moment, exploring this “mystical” island which is self-governing but a crown dependency. I’m here to collect material for an article as well as for Travelooney Blog. This is an island – and a country – I knew little about before setting foot here a couple of days ago. But I definitely like what I’ve seen so far. From my first impressions of the capital of Douglas where I’m based while staying here, to a couple of trips I’ve been taking around the island in the last couple of days.

Live from IOM - 2

A flowery walk along the promenade of Douglas

Yesterday I headed south to Port Erin, which is a small town with a lovely promenade and a beach with views to the surrounding landscape. And down there I had the pleasure of boarding the boat Shona together with 11 other guests and her friendly crew, for a spectacular trip around the ‘Calf of Man’, which is a smaller island off the coast. An exciting experience I will describe in detail in a separate blog post.

Live from IOM - 3

‘Calf of Man’ as seen from the Shona Boat Trip

From Port Erin I jumped on the steam train back, but decided to get off and check out Castletown on the way – and I’m happy I did. I was lucky to visit this charming town right as a local festival was going on, so it was full of life and blessed by sunshine above its iconic castle.

Live from IOM - 4

Low tide in Castletown

Today the weather has not been pleasant, but it was expected – so I’m happy that I decided to change my plans of going north and instead try to find some indoor museums to check out. I started by visiting the Electric Railway Museum here in Douglas, before jumping on the bus across the “waist” of the island to the seaside town of Peel, where I wanted to check out a couple of museums too.

Live from IOM - 5

Peel Castle at the harbour of Peel

In the meantime the rain had stopped and seemed to take a break for a couple of hours, so what better than to explore the city’s surroundings before heading indoors – like a walk to the harbour and around Peel Castle. As I made it back the parade of a local carnival was in full motion and I managed to catch the “tail” of it, which was an impressive row of vintage vehicles. Then I went to visit the Leece Museum and the House of Manannan. Both very interesting historic museums.

Live from IOM - 6

Vintage vehicles in the carnival parade in Peel

Tomorrow the weather seems to be back on track and so will I, as I take the train north to Ramsey, Laxey and the top of the Snaefell Mountain, before saying goodbye to this wonderful island. I’ll be looking forward to share my tips to the Isle of Man with you here on the blog soon.

Keep exploring!

By Brian Schæfer Dreyer