Spain: Movie set magic in Mogrovejo

Mogrovejo 4

‘Torre de Mogrovejo’ below a jagged mountainous backdrop

Mogrovejo. Ever heard about that village before? Most likely not, but you will want to go there after checking this blog post…

We came across this scenic mountain village in the region of Cantabria in Northern Spain, when touring the famous National Park of Picos de Europa – ‘The peaks of Europe’. A spectacular and mountainous area that’s also covered by the regions of Asturias and Castile and León.

Mogrovejo 3

“Downtown” of Mogrovejo is quiet. Very quiet.

An epic roadtrip that led us through some of Spain’s most impressive nature and to some of the most idyllic towns and villages you can imagine – including Mogrovejo. A village of just 44 inhabitants (last counted in 2008), where surely everyone knows about everything that’s going on. Not far from the more touristy town of Potes, that shouldn’t be missed either.

Mogrovejo 1

Mogrovejo 2

A local farmer leading his cattle through Mogrovejo

We first arrived to Mogrovejo one evening as a local farmer was leading his white cattle back from the fields through the streets of the sleepy village. Dressed in white as to match them all, and walking steadily to the sound of only the cow bells ringing. He smiled at us as he passed and I was lucky to have my camera ready for these shots

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Next day we returned to explore the village further, and it was so quiet that we almost felt guilty to slowly drive through and park our car, before setting out on foot in the small maze of very old stone houses, crowned by ‘Torre de Mogrovejo’, which dates back to the end if the 13th century.

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A few neighbours were “hanging out” on the street near a small church, while their dogs were lazily lounging in the middle of the “main street” – not too worried about any passing cars. This village seemed to be in a world of its own and felt like a movie set. And so it is.

We discovered a sign stating that the village had been used as a set for an upcoming movie called Heidi: Queen of the Mountain, making it out to be a village in alpine Switzerland – and underlining the beauty of this place. Mogrovejo is definitely worth checking out if you find yourself on the roads of Cantabria, but visit with respect of the locals.

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Mogrovejo 6

A sign proudly states that Mogrovejo is a “movie village”

Also, if you’re visiting this area I can highly recommend to go local and stay at a ‘Casa Rural’ – which is a very popular type of accommodation around here. We stayed at La Hornera in the village of Cosgaya, just a 10 minute drive from Mogrovejo. A lovely and quiet spot with mountain views and a very welcoming host.

You can choose to stay in a small room/appartment or have your own house, for very reasonable prices – including all the peace and idyll you could ask for.

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Mogrovejo 10

Enjoying the peaceful surroundings at La Hornera in Cosgaya, Cantabria

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer