Unique Accommodation: Marktgasse Hotel in the historic heart of Zürich

Marktgasse Hotel 8

Marktgasse Hotel in Zürich’s Niederdorf neighbourhood

Marktgasse Hotel in Zürich’s enticing Niederdorf neighbourhood is another kind of modern – simple, stylish and yet traditional. The result of a well balanced restoration (from 2013-2015), of the building that has been receiving guests for hundreds of years. Right in the heart of the city.

An excellent blend of simplicity, charm and comfort – on as great a location you could wish for. I had the pleasure of spending a night here while travelling via Zürich and I felt home right away. One of the cool things about Marktgasse is that all 39 rooms are different and “customized” to the individual shape of each room. Stylish with a Scandinavian touch but not too serious, giving the guests a great opportunity to relax between expeditions around the picturesque neighbourhood of Niederdorf.

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The Niederdorf neighbourhood is an extremely picturesque part of Zürich

Apparently Niederdorf used to be a bit of a dodgy area in Zürich back in the days, but like seen many other places around Europe, time have turned the no-go-area into one of the city’s most loved – and a walk around here is definitely one of the highlights of any visit.

At the doorstep of the hotel the cobbled streets will lead you to plenty of cafés and restaurants, cozy squares and speciality shops. You also have just a few minutes walk to the river and the iconic two-towered Grossmünster Cathedral, where I can recommend the views from the top.

Marktgasse Hotel 7

A look inside the hotel’s restaurant Baltho

But you don’t even have to leave the hotel to enjoy a nice breakfast, a cup of coffee, a nice lunch or dinner – or a drink. It’s all on offer in the hotel’s own separate café Delish – which funtions as the breakfast salon, its lounge-style restaurant Baltho and its own cocktailbar.

Marktgasse presse 1

Visit Marktgasse’s own library and meeting room. Photo: marktgassehotel.ch

The 15th century building also contains an atmospheric little library with a wonderful street view, and a salon with much more character than your classic whiteboard-clad hotel-meeting-room.

I spent a night in the junior suite, which had a great apartment-atmosphere under its low ceiling making it even more cozy. It also came with a surprise of a spiraling staircase leading to the suite’s private rooftop terrace, from where I could enjoy the view to the skyline of Zürich. Simply fantastic!

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The level of service was very high too and I was impressed by one receptionist as I checked out, as I found out that he spoke 5-6 different languages.

Marktgasse presse 3

There’s a very welcoming vibe throughout the facilities. Photo: marktgassehotel.ch

This place is naturally not the most budget-friendly spot in the city, but the perfect choice if you want to treat yourself and your partner to a romantic getaway in the heart of beautiful Zürich. So check out their website for further information.

Marktgasse Hotel Zürich
Marktgasse 17
CH-8001 Zürich


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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer