5 insider tips to highly addictive cafés in Madrid

Addictive cafés 2

Coffee and cake at Boconó Specialty Coffee

While living in the Spanish capital I spent many days writing in the city’s atmospheric cafés, and over the years I have added several of them to my “collection” of favouites. So, I thought I’d share a few insider tips with you here…

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Boconó Specialty Coffee

The coffee at Boconó in La Latina is to die for and highly addictive. A café with a positive and welcoming vibe in the northern end of Calle de Embajadores (no 3). A raw brickwall and vintage furniture (that’s also for sale) creates a casual and relaxed atmosphere, and it’s a good place to kick back with high quality, hand-picked coffee. The friendly staff also have temptatious cakes to offer, so good luck trying to resist the treats.

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La Ciudad Invisible

I have earlier posted about this travel-themed and eco-friendly café in the heart of Madrid. La Ciudad Invisible is a combined café, gallery, event-venue and travelbook-shop, with shelves stacked with both new guides and second hand travel books. The exciting and well-balanced interior creates a good atmosphere for study-groups and freelancers to hang out, whether it’s for a cup of coffee, a cocktail or a light meal. The service here is top-friendly too! Drop in at Constanilla de Los Ángeles 7 and try to get the armchair in the corner…

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La Infinito

Hidden on a corner on Calle de los Tres Peces (no 22), in the multicultural Lavapiés-neighbourhood, this charming little café became one of my favourite spots to “work out” when I was living in Madrid. La Infinito has a touch of boheme atmosphere, and is adorned by bookshelves and cool wall decorations. The perfect place to drop in for a coffee or a light snack – or to attend small cultural events in the basement below. The best spot in the house is on the glass-floor above the stairs. 

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Swinton & Grant

As a street art fan I was happy to discover Swinton & Grant in colourful Lavapiés. Found in Calle Miguel Servet (no 21), which is adorned by some of Madrid’s best street art. An “open-air gallery” that is renewed annually during a local urban arts festival. Swinton & Grant is a multifunctional venue consisting of a café, a bookshop focused on graphics and art – and a downstairs gallery featuring contemporary and urban art. Upstairs a wide range of local art is on display and for sale too.

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Coffee & Kicks

If you’re looking for a boost while touring the heart of Madrid, then drop by Coffee & Kicks to get your own kick of caffeine. A sneaker-themed café and an intimate little spot that serves up an excellent up of coffee! It’s hidden on Calle de las Navas de Tolosa 6, just around the corner from the buzzing Plaza del Callao – and just a two minute walk from the magnificent Gran Vía.

…as a bonus-tip, head further down the street for an addictive ‘bocadillo’ at Bolero Meatballs

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer