Live from… Wales: from capital to coastline

Live from Wales 1

Feeling home in downtown Cardiff

From my little window I can currently see and hear how the wind shakes the nearby trees, that are slowly changing from green to shades of red and gold. The sky has been light grey all day, which fades out most colours on the ground. Autumn has certainly arrived, and I’m sitting in a house in the Welsh coastal village of Trefin in the beautiful region of Pembrokeshire.

I’m very familiar with this place, having spent several months out here over the last couple of years, helping out at the Old School Hostel while exploring this stunning part of the world. It’s “baby seal season”, and I can’t wait to go hiking along the coastline to spot them lying around in the local bays, but today I’m finally catching up on some writing.

Live from Wales 2

Grey skies over Trefin in Pembrokeshire, West Wales

It’s been a hectic but also exciting couple of weeks, since my partner and I left the English city of Bath behind, after two lovely months there over the summer. We travelled onwards to Wales, and have just now spent a few days re-visiting our beloved Cardiff, which is where we met five years ago, and where I have lived through different periods during the last ten years. A city of many memories, where we both still feel home whenever we visit.

I love to just wander the streets of Cardiff, looking for new material for my Danish online guide to the city, which can be found at A project I’m very passionate about as I feel this city deserves more focus from Danish (and European) travellers – but so does many other parts of Wales, Great Britain in general and its surroundings.

Live from Wales 3

Autumn colours sneaking in to beautiful Bute Park in the Welsh capital

This year I have been extremely fortunate to be able explore new corners and regions around this part of the world, which I had not visited before. From the rugged coast of Northern Ireland to the seaside city of Brighton in southern England. From the West Coast of Scotland to street art adorned neighbourhoods of central London. From the Isle of Man to the Cheddar Gorge and the revived city of Belfast – all while re-visiting cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Bath and most recently Cardiff. Great Britain and its surrounding area is so much more diverse than many people would think.

Live from Wales 4

St Mary Street in downtown Cardiff by dusk

Now the focus will be on West Wales for the next month, until another journey will take us back to Denmark in November. My grandparents will be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary, which is quite extraordinary – and surely an event not to be missed!

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer