Copenhagen Christmas: A stroll through Nyhavn

Nyhavn 5

Are you from Copenhagen? – is one of the most common questions when I tell people abroad that I’m from Denmark. No, I’m not. I’m from Odense – and I have to admit that I know several foreign cities a lot better than my own capital. But Copenhagen sure is a lovely city, that I enjoy to visit when I get the chance. Like yesterday, when I went there to attend a business/Christmas dinner, and found the time for a stroll along the atmospheric Nyhavn – that translates to ‘New Harbour’ in English.

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Nyhavn is one of the tourist hotspots in the Danish capital, and with good reason. Especially in the summer months where the guidebook-cover-perfect harbour canal is buzzing with life on the cobbled street, between the beautiful wooden ships and the neatly kept 17th and 18th century townhouses. Here where an almost endless stream of restaurants, cafés and bars attract millions of visitors each year. But even so, it’s not a tacky touristy area full of souvenir shops. It actually seems to offer a well-balanced harbour atmosphere in its movie-set-appearance – and it’s definitely a must-go-area when you visit Copenhagen. So forget about The Little Mermaid and stay around here a little longer.

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Like everywhere else these days, the Christmas-season has already hit Copenhagen hard. Yesterday I saw them spraying the last snow over the famous Tivoli gardens, hearts where dangling over the shopping main artery Strøget – and Christmas market stalls were slowly opening up around the iconic square Kgs Nytorv.

Nyhavn 11

Along Nyhavn the market stalls were already open for business and offering the traditional Danish Gløgg (mulled wine) – while the decorations along the colourful facades got me in an early Christmas-mood, as I took these shots. Pure Danish HYGGE

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer