Live from… Luxembourg: A long but beautiful day!

Luxembourg blog 4

As I write this it’s now past midnight here in Luxembourg, and I have been on the go from 3.30 this morning. That’s when my alarm sounded at my home in Denmark. And to give you a little example of a day as a travel writer, it has been going rougly like this since then…

– Drive from my home to the train station in Odense

4.40 – Catch the train to Copenhagen Airport

9.00 – Catch my plane from Denmark to Luxembourg

11.00 – Landing in Luxembourg

12.00 – Meeting a local tourism representant + foreign colleagues

12.30 – Lunch with my new colleagues

14.00 – Guidet tour of the city center

16.00 – Photo shooting around town

17.30 – Checking in at the hotel + a bit of writing work

18.30 – A quick (and much needed) nap before going out

19.30 – Meet my colleagues for a walk through town and dinner

23.30 – A bit of writing work back at the hotel


Luxembourg blog 5

After more than 20 hours on the go, my eyes are now struggling to stay open – but it’s been worth every minute. It’s my very first time in Luxembourg and my first impression is very positive, so most likely it won’t be my last.

This city is very admireable and has a lot more to offer than most people seem to expect. And it certainly didn’t hurt the aestethic value that it had been sprinkled with a thin layer of snow just before my arrival – as well as several Christmas markets are spicing up the atmosphere these days.

Luxembourg blog 1

Luxembourg blog 3

I have seen a lot of nice architecture on my way around town today, and some really well kept historic buildings. On top of that it seems like Luxembourg has a lot to offer on the culinary side, as well as cosy cafés and places to go out.

I’m really looking forward to discover more of this country, and to go beyond the capital tomorrow morning. But before I need to catch a few hours of sleep…

Goodnight where ever you are!


By Brian Schæfer Dreyer