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Do you remember that pleasant feeling of happiness mixed with tiredness after a great journey? Your head is still full of memories with clear shapes and tastes. Unfortunately, some of them will soon disappear and this is a reason why travel photography is such a brilliant thing. It let us keep beautiful images for ages and share them with people.

Follow this guide to improve your travel photography skills.

1. Stroll with your camera

The lesson starts with the short basic rule. Don’t leave your camera. Even for a while. Bring it everywhere. Or you can use your smartphone if you are into mobile photography. Just don’t let yourself skip a chance for a good pic that may appear suddenly.

2. Plan your trip

Think about booking accommodation in the picturesque area. It gives you a possibility to take photos of beautiful views any time of the day. Hills, lakes, ocean or even small moody streets will look incredible both during the dawn and in this specific moment when the sun goes down.

Make a list of spots that you’d like to visit. Besides the typical must see places you can find some less popular and extraordinary locations by using Google Earth or Pinterest.


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3. Prepare yourself

Sometimes it’s quite refreshing to get lost and explore the unknown location randomly. But be responsible. Take care of yourself, monitor the weather forecast and choose the appropriate comfortable clothes. Your safety is the most important matter, especially if you are a kind of adventurer and risktaker that loves to wander in remote places. Maps can be useful as well.

4. Choose the proper equipment

There is no need to travel with a bag full of the newest and extremely expensive equipment. Just pick the most helpful devices such as spare batteries. If you are going to take photos at night, take a tripod that helps you to get high-quality pictures and avoid shaking during shooting.

5. Tell the story

It’s understood that you’d like to get some memories of beautiful architecture or monuments that your destination is famous for. But devote some time also for shooting simple life examples. Try to capture the rhythm of the small town with its bustling markets in the mornings and empty streets at night. Show some faces. That kind of pics probably won’t be the most popular on Instagram, but for sure it is pretty authentic and different from another simple photo of the Eiffel Tower.



6. There is no universal principle how to shoot well

There is a lot of on-line manuals or tutorials with a theoretical photography knowledge for beginners to boost their skills. Read it but still feel free to be spontaneous, have some fun with the camera settings. Experiment with the white balance and ISO. Try to shoot the object from different perspectives.

7. Go mobile

Sometimes a heavy bag with the camera and some additional stuff will be uncomfortable to carry. Especially when you travel on foot. But it’s not an obstacle. Your mobile phone is light and handy so don’t hesitate to use it! There are two main advantages of this solution. Essentially, you can share the pics with family, friends or social media followers immediately. Furthermore, you can easily improve your photos with some free applications such as VSCO or Afterlight that gives the option to regulate exposure, contrast, colors temperature or to use filters.



8. Share your photos

Are you satisfied with the photos you’ve already taken? So let yourself go and show it to the world! Consider creating a portfolio to gather all your pictures in a well-organised place that is friendly to the viewers. There are a few rules how to do it right. First of all, take care of the selection. Hundreds of similar photos can make the audience bored. Just pick the best ones. Giving the vital information about the location and the author is important as well. And last but not least, the visual aspect of your site. Try to think like a random person. You might have absolutely stunning photos but if they are presented in such a messy way nobody wants to spend time there.

You can create good-looking portfolio with a little help of Photler. It’s a web builder that let you get the professional website in the short time with the templates that you can adjust to your taste and needs.

Enjoy your trip and don’t be afraid of taking as many photos as possible. Have you already chosen your further destination? Check the Photler’s blog for more travel inspirations!

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