Travel Thoughts: The ups and downs of air travel

Ups and downs 3

I was just talking with a colleague about it last yesterday. The joy of travelling by train. We were both returning from a press trip Switzerland, where we had been riding on several trains through four days and everything had worked like a well-oiled machine. Admitted, this was Switzerland – the land of precision with one of the greatest train systems in the word.

Our flight down from Denmark to Zürich had been delayed a few days earlier. Enough to make me miss my train as I had to wait for my checked-in luggage. It seems like the air traffic of Europe has been hit hard this past week due to unusual weather conditions. My parents who were flying to Madeira had a crazy experience in the meanwhile, having a several hours long stop-over on another island before returning to Copenhagen – and flying back to Madeira the next day! This was extreme. Other times you’re just unlucky with delays. That’s why I usually plan plenty of buffer time between my connections, but this time it wasn’t enough.

Ups and downs 2

Not even heavy snowfall can stop the Swiss trains in their tracks /

Anyway, for my trip there was no harm done. I went on to enjoy some spectacular days on the tracks in a snowclad, alpine wonderland – before returning to Zürich for my flight back home. Again there seemed to be a slight delay, but all was forgotten as I enterted the ususually large plane to discover I had been assigned a different seat – upgraded from Business Class to First Class on a plane that normally flies much longer distances! But it was “the only one available” to fly our route, as our cabin attendant told us, as he took my coat and put in on a hanger.

Ups and downs 1

It’s not everyday you get randomly upgraded from business to first class /

Then I sat down in my huge automatic reclining chair, stretched my legs as far as I could and had dinner and drinks served on my table the size of a small dining table. Ahhh! Maybe air travel wasn’t so bad after all. And I had to admit I enjoyed that flight – although it was followed by a 30 minute wait for my checked in luggage in Copenhagen airport.

Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy air travel. But I’d take a train any day – especially a Swiss one!

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer