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You arrive exhausted at your destination and desperately try to find a good wifi connection, in order to locate your nearby hotel. Or you’re enjoying a cup of coffee at a café, while trying to read the small map inside your guidebook, to find your way to the next attraction.

Situations you might have come across – and that I personally have several times.
Therefore I was excited to get to check out the travel planning app from Sygic Travel, that after just a couple of test runs has convinced me to use it on future trips. A useful tool on the go – not at least on a tight schedule when you’re “working in the field” as a travel writer.

With the Sygic Travel app you have everything collected and easily accessible – and with the Premium upgrade the built-in maps can be downloaded for offline use, which means you don’t have to depend on instant wifi anymore.

In the app you simply plot in the details of your trip in advance: Destination, dates, where you arrive and possibly which hotel you have pre-booked – and the map will guide you to the doorstep.

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The main menu is easy to use and feels like a compact e-toolbox for travel planning:


See your current location and navigate around the tourist-based map highlighting things like attractions, parks, restaurants, shops, cafés, bars, doctors, gyms, galleries, transport hubs, car rentals, playgrounds – all of which you can get more information about. You can also see the distance to each spot and the approximate travel time to get there.

The information in the app is delivered by Wikipedia and the travel app links to Sygic’s popular navigation app.


This tool presents the places of the city in a list you can browse for inspiration – or filter it to find interesting restaurants, bars etc.

Tours & Activities

Based on the dates you are in town, this helpful feature will present you with a list of local events, guided tours and daytrips from the city. All listed with expected duration, price and reviews from former participants.


This will make it easy to find accommodation in your destination, without having to browse other websites. The hotels list is presented in cooperation with, and gives you an overview of review scores, hotel websites and contact information – and allows you to book your room directly through the app.

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Car Rental

Car rental might be another useful feature if you’re going for total freedom. Just search by pick-up and drop-off points, dates and times – and you’ll get an overview of your options.

Weather Forecast

Checking the weather forecast is essential for any traveller, and this feature is found directly in the app too.


This section is delivered by Wikivoyage and gives you a built-in guidebook with the most important information about the city and sometimes the country. It tells you how to get around, where to eat, drink and sleep, how to stay safe, where to find wifi and a pharmacy etc. Sometimes it can even help you with tips on where to find work or where to go to learn the local language. You can also find addresses to the local consulates or get tips on which cities to visit nearby.

Video Tour, Metro Map and Hop On Hop Off

In big cities the menu might include features like a video tour with tips on what to do and see, a metro map and info on the local hop on hop off bus tours.

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The Sygic Travel app
is free to download, while the Premium version is just $9.99.

A key feature in the app is that you can plan your activities each day in your destination, so it will be easy to keep track of where to go and when. And after using it you will be able to see past trips that you used the app for, which might be a good way to remember details and dates.

You will find their website at and you can download the app here:

Sygic Travel Trip Planner at Google Play
Sygic Travel Trip Planner at Apple’s App Store

By Brian Schæfer Dreyer