10 National tourism profiles on Instagram that will make you wanna travel to Europe

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Instragram is an amazing tool to make you dream away to new and exciting destinations – or to share your own trips and experiences with your followers. Most National tourism offices have discovered the power of visual inspiration, and many of them shares high quality photos to push you into that plane, car, bus or train – on your way to new adventures. Here are 10 National tourism profiles I love, from countries around Europe.

Our Finland

Enchanting photos of northern lights, snow covered pine trees and beautiful reindeer. Visit Finland’s official Instagram account will tempt you to jump on a plane to Helsinki and head north. High quality photos following the seaons. 243.000 followers.

Visit Wales

Wales’ official instagram account is a wonderful buffet of rough, mountainous landscapes, rustic castles and incredible coastlines. A small nation with lots to offer for any nature lover. Atmospheric photos with a touch of mystery. 79.000 followers.


Spain is much more than Barcelona and sandy beaches, and their official tourism instagram does a good job showing this through shots of historic cities, towering cathedrals, blue oceans and modern architecture. 312.000 followers.

My Switzerland

The alpine country of Switzerland is extremely photogenic and therefore Instagram is a the perfect place to show off some Swiss magic. Icy glaciers, snowclad mountain peaks, flower adorned chalets and panoramic trains are among the highlights here. 276.000 followers.

Go Visit Denmark

My Scandinavian home country of Denmark is represented by the people when it comes to the tourism office’s Instagram profile – with hand-picked photos from followers using #visitdenmark. This gives a lovely mix of city life, old towns, nordic beaches and of course “hygge”. 165.000 followers.

Feel Slovenia

Slovenia is one of those smaller European countries that many people know nothing about, but on their inspiring Instagram profile you’ll get a good feel for this small country that will surely surprise you positively. From underground caves to mirroring lakes and far stretching forests. This nation is bigger than its body. 119.000 followers.

Visit Isle of Man

This almost mystical island-nation is tinier than most, but still contains plenty of spectacular scenery to lure nature lovers across the seas. Rocky coastlines, unique wildlife and vintage railways are among the visual treats on Isle of Man’s Instagram account. About 5.000 followers.

Visit CZ

Oh yes, The Czech Republic is way more than Prague, which its Instagram profile will show you. An array of historic architecture, pointy church spires and cobbled streets will make you dream of exploring this country beyond its famous capital. About 51.000 followers.

Germany Tourism

In many ways Germany seems to be an underrated destination in Europe, and personally I have yet to explore many regions of my neighbouring country. It’s high quality Instagram account will surprise you with photos of everything from sandy beaches to mountain peaks and Manhattan-looking skylines. Yes, this is Germany. 201.000 followers.


Despite being a relatively small country in Europe, Holland has got a lot going for it – as its tourism Instagram profile will soon show you. Futuristic architecture, historic neighbourhoods, wide spread beaches and of course… tulips. Simply something for everyone! About 37.000 followers.

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer