3 reasons to love train stations

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A traveller ready to board a train at Queen Street Station in Glasgow / travelooneyblog.com

If you follow this blog regularly you might know that I’m a huge fan of travelling by train. There’s just something adventurous about it. A sort of old fashioned travel romance that comes alive when you jump on a train and follow the tracks around Europe. Like a web of possibilities leading to any corner of this continent. And having done three Interrail trips in the past has certainly played a big part in my current railway addiction – and developed my love for the magical railway hubs themselves: The train stations. So here’s why I’m especially drawn to these buildings and what they represent to me…

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The Temple Meads station in Bristol (UK) looks like a cathedral / travelooneyblog.com

The architecture

There are so many beautiful train stations around Europe (and the world for that matter), and I plan to present a bunch of my favourites in a future post. Personally I prefer the old style buildings with the authentic train station feel. They might not always be the most beautiful, as long as they have that authentic train station atomosphere often found at the classic stations in Paris, just to mention an example. But there’s also the obvious palace-like beauties and those that hide artistic treasures inside, such as painted tiles, stained glass mosaics, a rainforest or other unique architectural features. Old style train stations are often esthetic highlights of the cityscape. 

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The São Bento station in Porto (Portugal) is an attraction in itself / travelooneyblog.com

The opportunities

To me a train station represents opportunities and freedom. Possibilities to jump onboard and be carried to a new destination in comfort. Not at least if you travel on an Interrail (Eurail) Pass, which is something everyone should try at least once in their life (and no, I’m not paid by Interrail in any way). Whether you plan everything ahead, stay completely flexible or do a combo, this is a magical way of travelling that will give you memories for a lifetime. To me a train announcement board represents pure happiness (unless my train is delayed of course).

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Commuters waiting at Edinburgh‘s Waverley Station in Scotland / travelooneyblog.com

The buzz

There’s always a special kind of buzz at a busy train station. Commuters on their way somewhere, tourists arriving to get their first glimpse of the city… and often plenty of pigeons trying their luck for a few breadcrumbs. There’s the squeeking of train brakes, hurrying high heels on tiled floors and frequent train announcements flowing out from multiple speakers. To me it’s all a part of the magic.

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer