England: 5 cool shops to dive into in Bath

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Bath is full of exciting shops and the Retro Store is one of them / travelooneyblog.com

Bath is a natural beauty – and definitely one of Britain’s most picturesque cities. There are plenty of sights to take in while just walking around its streets and parks. But if rain sets in, or you’re simple on the hunt for a cool souvenir to bring home, you’ll have plenty of options to spend a bif of time indoors and treat yourself…

I have personally spent time in all five shops on this list while living in Bath for a couple of months, and I can highly recommend to pay them all a visit.

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Drop by the Fudge Kitchen near Bath Abbey to watch a free fudge making demonstration

Fudge Kitchen

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, you shouldn’t leave Bath without dropping in at the Fudge Kitchen in the heart of the city. The sweet scent alone might lure you in, or at least the small crowd of people hanging around for one of the entertaining fudge making demonstrations. Best of all, the demonstrations are free of charge and so is a little taster. But you’ll most likely be tempted to bring home some more, with exciting flavours to choose from beside the original, such as sea salted caramel or rum and raisins – just to mention a few.

10 Abbey Churchyard
Bath, BA1 1LY

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Bath Aqua Glass is neighbouring Bath Abbey and it’s a great place to go souvenir shopping

Bath Aqua Glass

Facing the same square as the Fudge Kitchen shop, the delicate interior of Bath Aqua Glass has some of the city’s most unique and colourful souvenirs on display, in a fragile world of transparent colours. Here you can browse shelves with anything from drinking glasses to vases, jewellery and sculptures, while you can get a “hands on experience” nearby at the Glassblowing Studio at 105-107 Walcot Street – offering a selection of demonstrations and glass making courses.

14 Cheap Street / 15 Abbey Churchyard (2 entrances)
Bath, BA1 1NA

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The flower adorned facade of Bath Retro Store is facing the picturesque Abbey Green

Bath Retro Store

Bath Retro Store is found at one of my favourite spots in Bath, with its postcard-worthy facade facing the cobbled and canopy-covered Abbey Green square. A minute’s walk from the city’s famous Roman Baths. This setting alone is worth checking out, but be sure to explore this funky shop of retro toys and vintage design. A cornucopia of board games, books, metal signs and greeting cards. You name it – they got it.

9 Abbey Green
Bath, BA1 1NW

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Hanging out at the “fitting room” of Mr. B’s Emporium of Reading Delights

B’s Emporium of Reading Delights

I have previously written about this gem of a bookshop, but it just can’t be praised enough. A unique shopping experience slightly hidden right in the centre of Bath.
Mr B’s, to make a genious long name short, is a maze of books spread over three fabulous floors – where the bathroom walls are covered in comic book pages and where you might stumble upon a bathrub in the kids section, a coffee lounge upstairs or a cosy fitting room in which to “try on” your books. Don’t miss it!

14-15 John Street
Bath, BA1 2JL

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Bring home some rugby souvenirs from Bath Rugby’s official shop near Pulteney Bridge

Bath Rugby Shop

You might not know much about rugby? I don’t, but after living a few months in Bath I do know that the locals love their best rugby club simply known as Bath Rugby. A blue, white and black clad team that takes on opponents in the English Premiership, with home games being played at the Recreation Ground, or just “The Rec” – set at the banks of the Avon River and neighbouring the iconic Pulteney Bridge. And it’s just across the street from the stadium that you’ll find the club’s official merchandise shop, Bath Rugby Shop. A place for sporty people and kids to hunt for local souvenirs featuring the club’s proud colours or their mascot, which is an armour-clad lion named Max.

1 Argyle Street
Bath, BA2 4BA

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer