Brighton is a beauty for street art lovers

Brighton street art - cover

Wonder Woman lives on the corner of Trafalgar Lane /

Last year I had the pleasure of visiting the funky seaside city of Brighton – just a short train ride from London. A place with a lovely and open-minded vibe, and not surprisingly a great city for street art hunters like me.

During my short visit I easily found plenty of colourful murals and cool pieces, not at least in the streets around the atmospheric North Laine neighbourhood. So here I’ll share some of my shots, although many of them could already be a thing of the past – as the world of street art is ever-changing. But it will give you an idea of Brighton as a street art destination, that I can highly recommend.

Let’s start with what is probably the city’s most famous street art mural – a tribute to deceased musicians and singers like Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and Bob Marley, just to mention a few. It adorns the side of The Prince Albert pub on Trafalgar Street near the train station.

Brighton street art 19

The Prince Albert in Brighton /

Brighton street art 1

A closer look to the stunning memorial mural by Req and Sinna One /

You’ll found lots of huge murals, featuring everything from dogs to skydivers…

Brighton street art 4

Some street art in Brighton makes you feel small /

Brighton street art 3

Dogs – lots of dogs! /

Brighton street art 8

Cartoon-like skydivers adorning a facade in Brighton /

A few luring females…

Brighton street art 13

I’m watching youuuu… /

Brighton street art 15

street art by Mazcan in Brighton /

Brighton street art 12

Another Brighton-piece by Mazcan /

Brighton street art 6

Feeling blue? …or yellow? /

Some flamingos in an alley…

Brighton street art 17

Brighton street art by Frankie Strand /

And some cool looking robots by local artist SNUB…

Brighton street art 18

“Be Proud Stay Strange” by Snub /

Brighton street art 16

You lookin’ at me!? Street art by Snub in Brighton /

Local businesses use street art to decorate their facades…

Brighton street art 5

Concrete jungle? The facade of Ju Ju in Brighton /

Brighton street art 2

T-I-M-B-E-R spelled with tools /

And you’ll see some nice street art along the iconic beach front promenade…

Brighton street art 9

Rats and Pandas at the beach of Brighton /

Brighton street art 10

Funky looking ALF /

Brighton street art 7

One of many street art pieces in a tunnel near SEA LIFE Brighton /

I really like this piece…

Brighton street art 11

Super hero skills… /

And as a bonus tip you can find some urban art in unusual spots if you take to the sky in the British Airways i360 viewpoint tower and keep an eye on the rooftops below…

Brighton street art 20

Street art seen from the pod of the BA i350 in Brighton /

There’s plenty more street art to discover in the streets of Brighton, so don’t hesitate to head South next time you find yourself in London – even if it’s just for a daytrip. There’s a lot to experience in this city like you can see in an earlier post I did on 10 Quick ideas on what to do in Brighton.

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer