Live from… Denmark: An update before heading south

Denmark update 1

Nope, this photo is not from Denmark – but from my recent trip to Spain

It’s been more than two weeks since I managed to post something here on the blog, but it’s certainly not for lack of material. In fact, I have a long list of posts waiting to be written, but the past few weeks have simply been caught up in press trips and writing newspaper articles. And in a couple of days I’m about to travel again, to an exotic destination far out in the Atlantic Ocean… more about that further down.

For now I thought I’d post a little update in here, to make sure you don’t think the blog has been totally forgotten. But you can always keep up with more frequent updates on the blog’s Facebook site – or at my Instagram profile.

Denmark update 2

Safari-themed bungalow of the camping resort ‘El Delfin Verde’ in Spain

Since visiting the Danish island of Ærø in the beginning of June, I’ve been on an exciting work trip to the Coasta Brava region of Spain, with a focus on some excellent camping sites as great alternatives to ever popular Barcelona. And I was quite impressed with several of them, which is why a few will probably be featured in my category of Unique Accommodation soon.

Costa Brava is an area of stunning beauty, as well as the rest of Spain for that matter – a place where the photos seem to jump into your camera everywhere you turn, and beg you to take them home. Here are a couple of examples…

Denmark update 3

The bay of Cadaqués, Costa Brava

Denmark update 4

Wine fields and mountains surrounding the winery ‘La Vinyeta’ in Spain

So, Costa Brava is added to the list of destinations to be featured on the blog in the near future, as well as Oslo in Norway and Ærø in Denmark. Not to mention my upcoming trip which goes to the Portugese islands of the Azores. A destination I can’t wait to discover this week – and I’m sure I’ll get the chance to throw in a few updates on Facebook along the way, so be sure to keep up!

Denmark update 5

The iconic Metropolis building in downtown Madrid

After exploring the Azores I’ll be heading straight to Madrid, where I’ll be based until at some point in August. And it will be a welcome opportunity to discover more of Spain as well as Madrid, that I used to call home. After being away from the city for more than a year, it was great to return for a few days following my recent Costa Brava trip, but soon I’ll be back with more time of my hands. And I will likely be adding more insider tips from the Spanish capital to the blog too.

I hope you’re all in for a nice summer full of adventures!


By Brian Schæfer Dreyer