Live from… Madrid: Back from new corners of Europe

Madrid update cover

Cádiz by night /

Back in “the MAD capital”. My second home. Or one of them at least. It’s been an exciting but busy period of travelling and writing, and I really haven’t been good at updating the blog recently. In between trips I have to prioritize my Danish newspaper articles, and a ton of new material is piling up on my imaginary desk. But I guess that’s a luxury problem after all.

I definitely won’t lack ideas for blog posts in the near future – and I have lots of inspiration to share on the blog as soon as I find the time. Until then I do my best to update the Facebook page as well as my Instagram profile. So take a look if you’re not already following.

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Screenshot from my Instagram profile

I have been lucky to go on quite a few trips since the end of May, and recently even a real holiday, which is rare for me, as most trips are related to work. But it was nice to mainly disconnect for a few days. I recently got to visit the Azores on a research trip, and despite mixed luck with the weather it was amazing to get to discover three of these nine portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. What a precious corner of Europe! From the Azores alone I have material enough for several blog posts – and one will definitely be dedicated the colourful harbour of Horta on Faial, that completely blew me away with its impressive “street art” adorned promenades.

Madrid update Horta

The colourful harbour of Horta on Faial /

Since my Azores adventure I got to explore the wonderful Andalucian cities of Córdoba and Cádiz, in Southern Spain. Both are beautiful cities with lots of exciting elements to take in, that I will definitely present here on the blog at some point too. Córdoba’s unique mosque-cathedral was absolutely stunning – while Cádiz charmed me with its narrow streets, atmospheric squares, beautiful architecture and lovely beaches. My partner and I were even lucky to get a ride to the beach of Bolonia and to the city of Tarifa, which is the most southern point in Spain (not counting the Canary Islands). What a treat!

Madrid update Tarifa

Ferry approaching the harbour of Tarifa in Spain /

Now I’m back and temporarily based in Madrid, where I’m now catching up with work, before new expeditions await around the corner. I just wanted to check-in here with an update if anyone was wondering where I’d gone, and hopefully soon I’ll find more time to publish some new travel features on the blog.

Enjoy July!


By Brian Schæfer Dreyer