A December update from the edge of Wales


The sheeps are now (relatively) undisturbed by walkers on the coast path

Travelooney Blog has been quiet the past few months. Due to a tight travel schedule as well as new writing projects that were demanding full focus for a period, I decided to put the blog on standby mode for a while. But new European travel inspiration and tips are lined up for me to share with you – and a new exciting travel project might be right around the corner (so keep an eye on this blog).

Since my last update, I’ve been in Switzerland, Latvia, Spain and England. And at the moment I’m experiencing the precious Pembrokeshire region in Wales – wayyy out of its regular tourist season. It’s mid-December, the summer holidayers left a long time ago and so did the baby seals in the rugged bays along the coast.

December update 2

Exploring caves along the Pembrokeshire coast

For you who have been following the blog the past few years, you will know that I have a close connection with Wales, and not at least this part of the country, that my girlfriend and I have been visiting for extended periods over the past three years.

It’s always interesting to experience a region throughout the different seasons. To feel the changes in atmosphere and scenery from summer to winter. It’s very quiet out here this time of year, a quietness mostly interrupted by the occasionally strong winds, that roll in from the sea and rattles the wooden window frames of the house where I’m staying. It serves as a good combination of focused writing (indoors!) and some breezy coastal walks that blow away the cobwebs and refreshes the mind.


The view of the rugged Pembrokeshire coast near Porthgain

Under grey clouds and with a rather faded palette of colours to work with, it’s a different challenge as a photographer to find shot-worthy elements among the rocks in the local bay and along the footpath on top of the cliffs.

I still love it out here despite the cold and the quietness of the winter, but I would lie to you if I didn’t say the summer is far more interesting. And I would definitely recommend you to travel beyond the borders of London next time you visit the UK – and head out west.


Reflecting in the rockpools during low tide in Pembrokeshire, West Wales

For now, be sure to keep an eye on the blog and follow the Facebook page to not miss out on upcoming updates.

By Brian Schæfer Dreyer