Pinta Malasaña is Madrid’s biggest urban arts festival


Live painting during Pinta Malasaña urban arts festival 2019 / Photo:

As if Madrid‘s hipster hot neighbourhood of Malasaña wasn’t already cool enough, every year it gets a new colourful boost during the city’s biggest urban arts festival, Pinta Malasaña (Paint Malasaña). And this year, I was lucky to be around to catch some of the live action that took place in the atmospheric maze of the streets on June 9, 2019.

In total 100 artists participated in this year’s event, which attracted thousands of curious people like me to admire their artistic talents being unleashed upon Malasaña. They were painting on the shutters that are covering up shop fronts, directly on the windows of shops and cafés and on the iron bollards (pillars) lining the narrow streets. It’s all an inspiring mix of styles and expressions and there’s definitely something for everyone to like.

There were so much more to discover, but I thought I’d share some of what I did capture here on the blog, and I’m already looking forward to returning and to see the finished pieces. Pinta Malasaña itself is set to return to these streets in the spring of 2020.

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Posters by N.W.O Corp System / Photo:


Window piece by Str Lopez Lopez / Photo:


MR. SIS focusing on his piece for Pinta Malasaña / Photo:


Eye-catching work by MAX501 / Photo:


A fluffy creature in the making by Sr. Papá Chango / Photo:


Brainy art by Lu Vives / Photo:


Let me know if you know this artist / Photo:


Giraffe by CAZ.L / photo:


By Rice / Photo:


Art by Navy Muluk in progress / Photo:


Part of a collaboration between Son3k, Demeseone, Juanitoilogico and Salvaje Selva / Photo:


Let me know if you know these artists / Photo:


Madrid map by Ártida in the making / Photo:


Let me know if you know this artist / Photo:


Streets full of colours / Photo:


A happy piece by Berta Artigal / Photo:


Amazing piece by DL.oio / Photo:

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer