Café del Art – a unique café experience in Madrid

Cafe del Art 14

Café del Art seen from Plaza de Cascorrro / photo:

Wow! Stepping into Café del Art from Plaza de Cascorro in Madrid‘s La Latina neighbourhood, the visual impression blew me away immediately. I had seen the café featured on a blog the day before and couldn’t wait to check it out for myself. But one thing is photos another thing is the atmosphere of actually visiting the place.

I have been sipping cappuccinos in a high number of cafés around Madrid throughout the past 7 years, and I have compiled a bunch of favourites in the city whether I go for the best cup of coffee, the best place to write or the best place to just hang out.

Cafe del Art 1

The front part of the café / photo:

Cafe del Art 5

Baristas at work / photo:

Café del Art was love at first sight as it ticks off all the right boxes while taking the atmosphere to new heights. Combine this with high quality (and experimental) coffee brewing and friendly baristas and you’ve got a winning concept.

The interior style is best described as a unique combination of elements from a trendy loft apartment, a pub, a greenhouse, a pharmacy and a laboratory. And it all balances perfectly between a raw industrial feel and a slightly romantic warmth. It might sound like an odd mix, but it works extremely well when you top it off with green plants and soothing golden lighting.

Cafe del Art 11

Café del Art is full of atmospheric lighting / photo:

Cafe del Art 4

A true coffee lab / photo:

The attention to detail is incredible and most of the interior feels like it is custom-made (or at least handpicked) for this place – from the furniture to the wall decorations and even the napkin holders. One especially cool feature is a big wooden ‘world map of coffee’ that has been drawn with a BIC pen by the artist Martina Billi. It is on display behind a pavilion-like glass structure that covers a stairway to the basement floor. And on the wall opposite, you’ll find another “map” of the coffee’s way to your cup, drawn by the same artist. A very nice touch!

Cafe del Art 6

Wooden art by Martina Billi / photo:

And the coffee? Excellent! My partner and I both opted for a big latte which hit the jackpot in the richness of the flavour as well as consistency. But next time we might try a cup from one of the two unique brewing methods featured on the menu. Besides the coffee, you’ll find several special teas, hot chocolates and other treats listed. And what about a cold glass of sangría made with port wine? An ingredient that hints that the owners are Portuguese, while another clue is found in the glass montre displaying some really delicious ‘natas’ (Portuguese custard tarts).

Cafe del Art 3

Latte art at Café del Art / photo:

Cafe del Art 8

Feeling more like something fresh and fruity? Sangría with port wine! / photo:

There are plenty of different types of furniture and seating areas around this immensely cosy café. So the choice is yours whether you want to soak a bit of sun in the open window panels, prefer to work a bit at the big table, kick back in the leather couch or hide in the back for a more quiet atmosphere.

I’m up for trying them all on my many future returns, and this perfect blend of quality coffee and atmosphere jumps right onto my list of favourite cafés in Madrid!

See more photos below…

Café del Art
9, Plaza de Cascorro – Madrid
Open: Mon-Sun 8am-8pm (closed on Tuesdays)
Nearest metro station: La Latina

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer

Cafe del Art 13

Not the worst place to hang out with a cuppa, eh? / photo:

Cafe del Art 12

Coffee brewing equipment for sale / photo:

Cafe del Art 9

There are plenty of seats in the rustic backroom too / photo:

Cafe del Art 10

Atmospheric touches of a pharmacy, a bar and a living room / photo:

Cafe del Art 7

The details are endless inside Café del Art / photo:

Cafe del Art 2

Don’t miss this café next time you visit Madrid / photo: