Take tram 28 to visit the cemetery cats in Lisbon

Cats 8

A black cat spotting a bird in the tree at Cemitério dos Prazeres in Lisbon / photo: travelooney.dk

The Portuguese capital of Lisbon is famous for its iconic old trams and none are more popular than tram number 28 that travels between the stations Martim Moniz (east) and Campo de Ourique (west). It’s a lovely journey through the city centre but extremely popular too, so I would highly recommend to take it from one of the terminals as early as possible for the best chance to get a seat. Also, be especially aware of pickpockets in the trams.

There’s a lot to be written about the trams in Lisbon, so I’ll save the most for a separate blog post. For now, I’ll tell you about my cemetery photo session at the end of my own journey with tram 28.

Tram 28 at the station

Lisbon’s tram 28 at the terminus in Campo de Ourique / photo: travelooney.dk

I travelled west to the station at Campo do Ourique with plans of walking down towards the river. But first, I wanted to grab a cup of coffee at the little café next to the tram stop, and there I got chatting with the very friendly café owner about the city and our travels. That’s when he tells me about the big population of free-living cats at the cemetery, Cemitério dos Prazeres, just across the street. And I was curious to check it out before moving on.

He was right. There were lots of cats just chilling in there between the graves and along the streets of the cemetery. Weatherwise, it was a nice and mild day, but there were not many people around, so I spent some time trying to get some nice photos of the cemetery’s live inhabitants.

Cats 3

Just streeeeeeetching / photo: travelooney.dk

I always like to photograph random animals I come across on my trips whether it’s seagulls, lizards, butterflies or like here, cats. It often results in some highly atmospheric shots and shows the destination from a unique perspective. ‘Appreciating the small things’ if you will.

When photographing animals the key is to be patient and let the animal get on with their life as normal, instead of trying to interfere with them or force a reaction. And naturally, it is also important to be respectful when taking photos at a cemetery, which is not really a tourist attraction.

I’m quite pleased with these shots. And if you find yourself in this area one day, be sure to grab a coffee and visit these cats:

Cats 1

Enjoying a moment of ‘catfulness’ / photo: travelooney.dk

Cats 2

Smile! Is that a ghost cat in the background!? / photo: travelooney.dk

Cats 4

This seat’s taken / photo: travelooney.dk

Cats 5

I’m watching you / photo: travelooney.dk

Cats 6

Feeling small / photo: travelooney.dk

Cats 9

Flexibility goals / photo: travelooney.dk

Cats 10

‘Shotgun’ / photo: travelooney.dk

Cats 11

Is that CATnip? / photo: travelooney.dk

Cats 12

Striking a pose / photo: travelooney.dk

Cats 13

See ya later! / photo: travelooney.dk

Which one is your favourite? Please let me know in the comments below…

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer