The Azores: The incredible “sea art” of Horta on Faial

Sea Art 39

“Sea art” at the harbour of Horta on Faial, Azores / photo:

I have wanted to do this post ever since I had the pleasure of visiting the town of Horta on the island of Faial – one of the 9 exotic islands that make up the Azores as a part of Portugal. It was a couple of years ago, and this particular travel memory has stayed with me as I love both travelling and urban art.

Looking at the map, these volcanic islands seem to “float” around in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where they live life rather disconnected from the European mainland.

Sea Art 41

You can spend a whole day exploring the marina of Horta / photo:

Due to their location, the Azores have historically functioned as a strategic stopover for boats and ships looking to cross the Atlantic.

This has left the harbour of Horta with a colourful and adventure-inspiring tradition of “sea art” – like street art, but painted on the directly on the marina and on the concrete walls surrounding it. Thousands of unique little art pieces as some sort of “postcards” and “stamps” from all the sailors and travellers passing through here. It’s truly an incredible sight!

Therefore, I was really excited to get the chance to explore and photograph these pieces, which was like browsing through a gigantic guest book for Horta. I took a special interest in searching for pieces done by fellow Danes and managed to find quite a few.

The “sea art” pieces you will find in Horta often include these elements:
– The year of the visit to Horta or several years indicating the number of returns
– Names of members of the crew/family members
– A flag and/or name of the country of origin
– A map of the boat’s current journey
– A logo for the journey or the boat – or a drawing of the boat
– A list of places the boat has visited on its current trip or all time

Sea Art 38

Endless little art pieces left behind by sailors / photo:

Sea Art 4

The marina is covered in fresh and faded “check-ins” from sailors / photo:

The painting style goes from very simple to skilful art, but they’re all part of this adventurous collection of check-ins at Horta. Some faded from years of wear, some freshly painted from recent visits.

Take a look at the selection below of some of my favourites during my visit, and be sure not to miss this experience if you do your own island-hopping around the Azores. Also, do not miss out on a visit to Peter Café Sport near the marina of Horta, which is an iconic bar full of memories from sailors passing through.

Peter Sport 1

Peter Café Sport is an iconic bar in Horta / photo:

Peter Sport 2

Inside, Peter Café Sport is covered in memories from the seas / photo:

P.S. I would love to hear from you if you by coincidence come across your own art piece in this selection. Please write in the comments below…

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Sea Art 12

A piece by fellow Danes navigating the seas on ‘Naveren’ / photo:

Sea Art 40

One of the more eye-catching pieces / photo:

Sea Art 37

These guys visited Horta in 2018 / photo:

Sea Art 36

Nice artsy piece from the Wayward Wind / / photo:

Sea Art 35

A classic sailor piece with lots of details and crew names / photo:

Sea Art 34

Nice 3D-looking piece from 2015 / photo:

Sea Art 33

Svendborg is a city on my Danish home-island of Fyn / photo:

Sea Art 32

This entry from Switzerland is paw-some! / photo:

Sea Art 31

Another Danish piece… looks like this crew returned many times / photo:

Sea Art 30

An entry from Wales naturally featuring the Welsh dragon / photo:

Sea Art 29

From Bernuda to the Azores. Doesn’t get much more exotic! / photo:

Sea Art 28

Apparently, some Danish Vikings came by Horta in 2009 / photo:

Sea Art 27

I like the fish / photo:

Sea Art 26

Foxy lady had an artsy crew in 2017 / photo:

Sea Art 25

I love the 3D-effect of this colourful piece / photo:

Sea Art 24

A whale tail connects well with the Azores known for whale watching / photo:

Sea Art 23

Nice shades from this Canadian crew / photo:

Sea Art 22

Looks like the Swedish TooTiki-15 had a large crew / photo:

Sea Art 21

Cool cartoonish piece by the crew of Syllogic / photo:

Sea Art 20

Nice detail with the penguin onboard Beduin / photo:

Sea Art 19

Guess their dog added the paw-prints 🙂 / photo:

Sea Art 18

Nice clean piece by the crew of Odyssey from Key West / photo:

Sea Art 17

Simple but lovely entry by this German family of Eleonore / photo:

Sea Art 15

Dramatic, whale-filled waters below Tyrian of Truro / photo:

Sea Art 14

This French entry even came with a website / photo:

Sea Art 13

A fishy piece from Kandor in 2018 / photo:

Sea Art 11

I like the airy and smooth style of this piece / photo:

Sea Art 10

6 visits and counting by the German ship Roald Amundsen / photo:

Sea Art 9

Piranha? No, a swordfish by SY Magellan from Switzerland / photo:

Sea Art 8

A proper sailor piece with plenty of flags / photo:

Sea Art 7

A Dutch dolphin? Nice one! / photo:

Sea Art 6

A route map from the High Seas High School / photo:

Sea Art 3

I like the simplicity of this piece from Canada / photo:

Sea Art 5

They’ve left plenty more space for future visits / photo:

Sea Art 2

Skilful art by ‘Go with the flow’ in 2018 / photo:

Sea Art 1

What a journey! / photo:

Sea Art 16

And many, many more… / photo:


By Brian Schæfer Dreyer