Love squirrels? Then you will go nuts for these photos from around Europe!

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You know how squirrels are known to collect a stash of nuts for worse times? Well, that’s exactly how I feel about my large archive of travel photos these days. It is my personal stash for surviving this lockdown.

Because while being grounded, I can at least travel down memory lane and re-visit my favourite places around Europe through my shots. And through the years, I’ve compiled a nice bunch.

I really like a good city park, and I’ve realized I have quite a few shots of curious squirrels from both the UK and Spain. So in an attempt to pass a bit of time and to share a bit of joy these days, I will present these amazing critters and where to find them…

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Edinburgh - squirrel - 2

Princes Street Gardens – Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scottish capital is greener than most and the central Princes Street Gardens offer en excellent spot for a stroll in downtown. My partner and I came across a girl feeding this curious squirrel and I took the chance to get some shots.

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Edinburgh - squirrel - 4

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Bute Park – Cardiff, Wales

Further south in the UK, on the south coast of Wales, Cardiff is another great example of a green capital with plenty of parks and green areas for recreation. One of the most popular ones is Bute Park behind the mighty Cardiff Castle easily accessed from downtown. And a great place to spot these fellas…

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Cardiff - squirrel - 1

Cardiff - squirrel - 2

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Botanical Gardens – Bath, England

The stunning city of Bath is exceptionally lush, as the British would say. And not at least when it comes to green parks and gardens. From the Parade Gardens to Sydney Gardens and the larger Botanical Gardens further away from downtown. The latter being a great place to disconnect and catch up with these curious critters.

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Bath - squirrel - 4

Bath - squirrel - 3

Bath - squirrel - 2

Bath - Squierrel - 1

Bath - squirrel - 5

Holland Park – London, England

While Hyde Park gets all the hype, when it comes to “going green” in London, I personally prefer the nearby and much smaller Holland Park. And it was while staying at a hostel in the park that I came across this handsome fella among ducks and peacocks. An excellent model I must say.

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London - squirrel - 1

London - squirrel - 2

London - squirrel - 3

London - squirrel - 5

Parque del Retiro – Madrid, Spain

Here in Madrid, where I live, Parque del Retiro is my go-to spot for a boost of nature in the big city. It’s a highly popular park that attracts a ton of locals and tourists (in normal conditions). But still, there is plenty of space for wildlife to thrive, like cats, birds, turtles and… squirrels. They might be more timid here, but if you keep an eye on the trees, they can be spotted frequently.

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Madrid - squirrel -1

Madrid - squirrel - 4

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Where in Europe’s city parks have you had close encounters with curious squirrels? Please share your tips in the comments below…


By Brian Schæfer Dreyer