Madrid like you’ve NEVER seen it before: 50 snowy shots from the Spanish capital

The metro entrance of Banco de España dressed in white / photo:

Highways closed, trees broken from the pressure and locals skiing and snowshoeing across the Spanish capital’s famous squares. In the past few days, Madrid has seen its biggest snowfall (up to 50 cm.!) in half a century and it paved the way for some incredible and surreal scenes around the city that locals (and I) will never forget.

Luckily, the metro is safe from the snow masses and therefore I could reach downtown for some crispy white shots. And having experienced several summers here of 40+ degrees (celcious), it was like living in a dream seeing it all covered by a thick blanket of snow.

In a time of worry, uncertainty and restrictions, the snow let many madrileños forget their troubles for a while, the kids and the dogs had the time of their lifes – and so did enthusiastic photographers like myself.

I hope this unique experience comes across in these 50 shots. Enjoy and be sure to get in touch, if you would like to use any of them.

Our street in a suburb of Madrid / photo:
Cars completely covered in a thick layer of snow / photo:
A line of scooters stuck in the snow along Calle del General Ricardos / photo:
Metro Urgel in Madrid / photo:
The stairs to the metro was transformed to a snowy slide / photo:
The snow is reaching underground at Metro Urgel / photo:
A local placing his skis next to Metro Opera in downtown Madrid / photo:
Teatro Real next to a snow covered Christmas tree / photo:
Snow sprinkled trees near Calle Arenal, Madrid / photo:
This newsstand seems transformed into a beautiful cake / photo:
A bit of snow can’t stop these guys from enjoying their coffee outside / photo:
The chairs look rather cold at this sidewalk restaurant near the royal palace / photo:

Plaza de Oriente turned into a winter wonderland / photo:
Skiing a snowshoeing near Madrid’s royal palace / photo:
A frozen fountain at Plaza de Oriente / photo:
A giant snowman in the making at Plaza de Oriente / photo:
Snowclad sculptures at Plaza de Oriente / photo:
A snowman between two snow covered benches near the royal palace / photo:
A “scary” snowman with Madrid’s opera building in the background / photo:
The Almudena Cathedral behind snowy branches / photo:
I’ve never seen the Almudena Cathedral dressed like this / photo:
A line of rental bikes hidden by the snow at Plaza Ramales / photo:
Local balonies got a sprinkle of white / photo:
This guy adapted quickly to the elements / photo:
A happy madrileña enjoying the snow in Calle Arenal / photo:
Wanna rent a bike? Good luck! / photo:
A frosty glazing on the metro sign near Madrid’s famous bakery, La Mallorquina / photo:
Puerta del Sol on January 9, 2021 / photo:
Half a Christmas tree dressed in white at Puerta del Sol / photo:

The metro station at Puerta del Sol looks like a submarine in an icy ocean / photo:
Skiers crossing Puerta del Sol in downtown Madrid / photo:
One of Madrid’s few restaurants open for business on January 9, 2021 / photo:
Madrid’s Four Seasons Hotel in the snow / photo:
Madrid suddenly got more Christmassy, now when it’s too late / photo:
Madrid’s most iconic rooftop got a dust of white too / photo:
Plenty of people on the streets to shoot some historic photos / photo:
Locals pulling a sled down the normally busy Calle de Alcalá / photo:
Madrid’s impressive city hall, Palacio Cibeles, turned into an ice palace / photo:
Icicles around the iconic Cibeles fountain / photo:
The lions of the Cibeles fountain seemed out of their element / photo:
A skier at Calle de Alcalá in downtown Madrid / photo:
Broken trees and snow covered cars on a street in central Madrid / photo:
Locals walking on the shut-down main street Gran Vía / photo:
A madrileño escaping flying snowballs on Gran Vía / photo:
A “snowball artillery” lining the sidewalk of Gran Vía / photo:
Aptly dressed locals strolling down Gran Vía in the snow / photo:
A snow covered metro sign at Gran Vía / photo:
“Whiteout” at Gran Vía in the heart of Madrid / photo:
The iconic “Schweppes Building” at Plaza del Callao / photo:

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By Brian Schæfer Dreyer