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Travel Tales: A bohemian night with strangers in London

It’s a drizzly autumn afternoon in central London and I have checked in to a backpackers hostel for the night. When travelling alone hostels can provide good company at times that eventually can even… Continue reading

Travel Tales: My £120 taxi race to catch a plane near London

It’s Monday morning and I wake up early in a holiday cottage on Haylings Island. A small island in the south of England near Portsmouth, where I have been representing the Welsh national… Continue reading

Travel Tales: How I infiltrated the Welsh national team

The European football (soccer to my American readers) championships are over – and although Wales didn’t make it all the way, they certainly surprised most people by making it to the semi-finals. While… Continue reading

Travel Tales: Stockholm Christmas with a cold

Two years ago my girlfriend and I got an unexpected chance to experience Stockholm in its Christmas splendor. Pro: I had won the trip. Con: We were both down with a cold. I… Continue reading

When travelling goes wrong: 2 times I lost my passport

  MISSING PASSPORT IN AMSTERDAM You probably know it. That feeling you get when you suddenly realize something is missing. Your wallet.. your ticket.. or your passport. And when you’re already in the airport,… Continue reading

Travel tales: How I became a part of a chainsaw-juggling street show

“Hey, you with the camera!” screams a man holding a shiny machete. From this moment I know I’m in trouble. But luckily this isn’t a mugging attempt in one of those Edinburgh backstreets that… Continue reading

Travel Tales: My dodgeball debut on a cruiseship

It was the summer of 2010. My grandmother turned 80 and invited the whole family on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. I never imagined myself actually boarding a cruiseship, so I was… Continue reading