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Vienna Christmas: Around the city’s markets

Few cities in Europe feature as many Christmas markets in spectacular settings, as the Austrian capital Vienna. And last week I had the chance to explore a lot of them. I was in… Continue reading

Wales: Starlings and sunsets in Aberystwyth

As much as I love to discover new places for the first time, I also find it exciting to return and re-discover a place – like when I recently found myself back in… Continue reading

Travel Thoughts: Leaving Pembrokeshire

Do you know the feeling you get when you leave a place, but you somehow know you’re gonna be back again soon? That’s how I’ve been feeling the past two years when leaving… Continue reading

Travel Thoughts: The bliss of feeling local abroad

The underrated capital Cardiff, the metropol Madrid, a tiny village on the west coast of Wales and currently the beautiful English city of Bath. Having had the chance to live in these amazing… Continue reading

Travel thoughts: Stop and smell the roses

I’m currently sitting at an airport café in Madrid. It’s 2 at night, and I’m waiting for my early morning flight to Denmark. A good time to reflect on leaving the Spanish capital… Continue reading

Travel Thoughts: Life inside a tourist attraction

You might have had the thought too while travelling and visiting a new city. How would it be to live here? A thought I have whenever I visit a new place. How is… Continue reading

Travel writing – the pursuit of a passion

It’s a true blessing to have a goal. To have a passion to pursuit. A passion that you might be able to make living of one day. Who knows. I only know it… Continue reading

Travel thoughts: I love Monday mornings

Well, let me specify. I love Monday mornings when I’m visiting big cities. Because on a Monday morning – especially out of the main tourist season, I get to see the “true colours”… Continue reading

Best of Travelooney Blog 2016

It’s been a busy year here on Travelooney Blog, which will be 2 years old in late spring 2017. More than 80 different blog posts have been published throughout the year and read… Continue reading

10 valuable lessons that travelling has taught me

We use it in many different connections and it can sometimes become a bit of a cliché: I learned so much from this. This experience taught me a lot. But what exactly did… Continue reading