For tourism offices

My aim with Travelooney Blog is to explore and promote many different corners of Europe. To show the diversity and beauty of this continent and to inspire my readers to try something new. I love writing about everything from buzzing capitals to local villages and stunning natural scenery. Therefore I am always looking to connect with tourism offices around Europe, whether you cover an entire country, a region, a city or a specific attraction or tour.

Focus & Themes

As mentioned above, my article themes cover a broad spectre of travel experiences to show the diversity of Europe – but in general I aim to show my readers exciting alternatives or new angles on already popular destinations. My regular sections cover things like streetart and exciting architecture, unique accommodation, interesting coffee hotspots, local and International events, nature and sustainably focused businesses and not at least train adventures. All this naturally mixed with in-depth presentations of various destinations.


Travelooney Blog is still young and growing every day, but in just a couple of years of existence, the blog have had visitors from more than 100 different countries. At the moment the majority comes from the UK, USA, Spain and Scandinavia. Be sure to contact me for more detailed information on my readership.

Contact me today!

Please send me a mail if you have interest in connecting with Travelooney Blog in anyway, whether it’s cooperation about coverage of your destination/attraction, or interest in advertising on the blog.

Besides running Travelooney Blog I am frequently writing freelance travel articles for major Danish travel media outlets, and in this connection always on the lookout for new exciting material as well.

Check out all my travel writing references (in Danish and English) at my portfolio site:


Former collaborations

I have formerly collaborated with Switzerland Tourism, Visit Britain, Visit Belfast, Visit Isle of Man and Visit Brighton – about articles in print as well as material for Travelooney Blog.