For travel brands

As a passionate traveller I am always on the lookout for new gear to make my trips easier, lighter, more comfortable or more exciting. I am loyal when I find a brand I love and I don’t hesitate to recommend it to my fellow travellers if I find it could be useful for them too.

Check out these examples:

Keep it simple – the natural look
Keep track of your stuff with a travel wallet

If you have a travel related product you would like me to check out and possibly recommend – be sure to get in touch. Also if you should be interested in advertising on the blog.

Travelooney Blog’s readers come from all over the world. They have a general interest in travelling and in discovering Europe. The majority comes from the UK, USA, Spain and Scandinavia. Feel free to contact me for more detailed information on the blog’s readership.

Travel related products could be anything from apps and websites, travelbooks and guides, clothing and accessories, electronic equipment, bags and suitcases, etc…