7 cool places I’ve watched icehockey in Europe – and the stories behind

I am a hockeyfan as much as a travelooney and I love to catch a local game when staying in cities around Europe. I have even travelled especially to attend some games. As… Continue reading

Alternatives: Rotterdam – an architectural feast

Alternative to: Amsterdam Location: Near the westcoast of The Netherlands Connection: Rotterdam The Hague Airport, or by train from Amsterdam Known for: Its harbour and its architecture Highlight events: Motel Mozaique, NN Marathon… Continue reading

Time travelling: Postcards from the past

Buying someone’s “private” postcard feels a bit like the old-style version of hacking someone’s phone. Remember when we all used to do it? I mean, not hack phones – but send postcards. Nowadays… Continue reading

Travel tunes: Tina Dickow – ‘Sacre Coeur’

Back in the December I started this ‘Travel Tunes’ section where I want to share my favourite travel music with you. Music means a lot when being on the road and today it’s… Continue reading

5 spectacular bridges I have crossed in Europe

Water is attractive for many travellers and many popular cities in Europe are built around rivers. Just take well-known classics like Paris, London and Rome – but the list is almost endless. And… Continue reading

Top 4 panorama trains in Switzerland: The Wilhelm Tell Express

I have always been passionate about travelling by train and the unique sense of a journey it brings. Just sitting there staring at the landscapes passing by – the feeling of being ON THE… Continue reading

These 5 iconic buildings will lure you to Cardiff Bay

If you’re not from the UK or into the sport of rugby, you might never have thought of visiting the Welsh capital Cardiff. But trust me, it’s one of the most overlooked capitals… Continue reading

Odense: Let me introduce you to my hometown – with 4 fabulous facts you might not know

“Are you from Copenhagen?”. That’s usually the first question I get when people realize I’m from Denmark. No, I’m not. I’m from Odense on the island of Funen, in the middle of Denmark.… Continue reading

Get lost in the colours of unpolished Porto

I got really excited when my girlfriend handed me an envolped at a café in Madrid. This was a couple of years ago, and for days she had been talking about a surprise… Continue reading

Travel thoughts: Look up from your phone, for the love of… cities!

I notice it a lot when I’m walking around a big city like Madrid and have to navigate through hordes of mobile-clinging zombies. Looking like they’re remote-controlling themselves through the streets. The phones… Continue reading