Live from… Cardiff: It’s time to go north on a train adventure

Even a small country like Wales can offer massive contrasts. Yesterday I arrived in Cardiff by train from the west coast of the naturally stunning Pembrokeshire region, and even though Cardiff isn’t a… Continue reading

Go wild in West Wales with Voyages of Discovery

We take our seats in the bright orange boat. We zip up our coats, pull on our life vests and grab the metal bar in front of us. And soon the powerful boat… Continue reading

Live from… Trefin, Wales: Feeling home & hostel life

Thanks for stopping by. Today I’m writing from the office of The Old School Hostel in Trefin. A small village on the Pembrokeshire coast in West Wales. A place that almost feels like… Continue reading

Keep up with Travelooney Blog

Thank you very much for stopping by my travel blog! I just want to let you know that you can keep up with everything that happens on the blog + get lots of… Continue reading

Bristol – UK’s street art capital

I first discovered the world famous street art phenomenon Banksy 10 years ago, when I was living in the UK, and I really think that was what kick-started my passion for this exciting… Continue reading

5 amazing parts of Bristol you can’t miss

To be honest, my relationship with Bristol didn’t get off to the best start. I was living in Cardiff back in 2007 and took the bus to Bristol for a daytrip. It was… Continue reading

Travel Thoughts: Foreign friendships – keep them going

Last Sunday I found myself sitting around a table in the sun sharing a drink with an Irish bartender, an American accountant, an Italian chef and a Scottish DJ – only having known… Continue reading

Street art in Birmingham: You will dig the Digbeth area

I love to go street art hunting whenever I visit a new city and I was blown away by the density of high quality art pieces when I explored the old industrial Digbeth… Continue reading

Mix it up in the Birmingham buffet

Why do we people like all-you-can-eat buffets so much? Well, firstly there is always plenty of food – you won’t leave hungry. Secondly there is always something you like, as the selection is normally… Continue reading

Live from…Birmingham: Sleepy first impressions

Sleep is one of the sacrifices of travelling and writing. As I’m writing these lines, I have slept just about 3 hours in total within the last 33. All to be able to… Continue reading