Live from… Madrid: Ready for an epic UK adventure

Hey all! I just decided to add this “Live from…” section to my drop-down menu, as a more “In the moment” way of writing, compared to my more travel-philosophical Travel Thoughts section. Here… Continue reading

Travel Tales: My £120 taxi race to catch a plane near London

It’s Monday morning and I wake up early in a holiday cottage on Haylings Island. A small island in the south of England near Portsmouth, where I have been representing the Welsh national… Continue reading

Switzerland: 24 hours in the lakeside wonder of Vevey

As I was touring Switzerland by train last summer, the tracks brought me to the charming lakeside town of Vevey – famous for being the home of milk chocolate and for being the… Continue reading

Travel Tales: How I infiltrated the Welsh national team

The European football (soccer to my American readers) championships are over – and although Wales didn’t make it all the way, they certainly surprised most people by making it to the semi-finals. While… Continue reading

Photo Feature: These 3 coastal towns will make you wanna travel to Denmark

One travel related cliché is that when you travel a lot you will start to see your hometown and own country in a different light. And I find this to be true indeed. Having spent… Continue reading

8 European cities I can’t wait to revisit – and why

Discovering and exploring a new city is one of my favourite things in the world. To step out of the train station or the airport, ready to get to know my way around… Continue reading

West Wales: Take a trip to temptatious Tenby

Pastel coloured townhouses with hanging flower-baskets, kilometers of beautiful beaches and a tide that leave boats flat on the sandy floor, like rubber-ducks in a drained bathtub. No, this is not your classic… Continue reading

Xperience: Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

It seems like a dream of a childrens birthday party. You’ve got an amusement park, plenty of food and ice cream stalls, and of course… hundreds of colourful balloons! But this is one… Continue reading

Xperience: A tentacular market in Castro Caldelas

It’s Saturday in Castro Caldelas. A small Galician mountain village of around 1350 inhabitants, in the province of Ourense in northwestern Spain. Less than a two-hour drive from Portugal. But today is not… Continue reading

Alternatives: Discover Spain’s green corner

Think Spain and the first that comes to mind will surely be the tempting southern coast, the exotic Canary and Balearic Islands, and attractive cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Seville. And that’s… Continue reading