West Wales: A daytrip to Cardigan

  Staying in a place for a longer period of time is an excellent opportunity to discover more of your local area – and beyond. Since returning to Pembrokeshire in West Wales in the end of September, we… Continue reading

5 unique experiences while travelling around the UK

When travelling outside the ordinary touristy frames, it’s possible to get some extraordinary, quirky and memorable experiences. The last three months of touring the UK has given me plenty of these, and here… Continue reading

When travelling goes wrong: 2 times I lost my passport

  MISSING PASSPORT IN AMSTERDAM You probably know it. That feeling you get when you suddenly realize something is missing. Your wallet.. your ticket.. or your passport. And when you’re already in the airport,… Continue reading

The 5 most amazing views I’ve had this year

‘Room with a view’ is one of my favourite songs by the popular Danish singer/songwriter Tina Dickow – and a great view is always high on my list whenever I visit a new place. But… Continue reading

Life in Pembrokeshire: Back in time for babyseals

After almost two months of touring England and Scotland, my girlfriend and I are now back in West Wales and precious Pembrokeshire, where the indicator is about to change from summer to fall. It was a long… Continue reading

3 great buskers from the streets of Edinburgh

During my recent trip to Scotland, I had the pleasure of calling Edinburgh my home for a couple of weeks, and with plenty of time to walk the streets of this proud capital, I got… Continue reading

Hostel life: Strangers in the night

Take a look around next time you’re walking down the street. How many of the random people around you – or people waiting beside you at the bus stop, do you feel like… Continue reading

Travel tales: How I became a part of a chainsaw-juggling street show

“Hey, you with the camera!” screams a man holding a shiny machete. From this moment I know I’m in trouble. But luckily this isn’t a mugging attempt in one of those Edinburgh backstreets that… Continue reading

St. Moritz: Drink with the Devil

Devil’s Place – Waldhaus am See Insider tip to: St. Moritz, Switzerland What: Whiskybar (hotel) Where: Via Dimlej 6, 7500 St. Moritz On the line: http://www.waldhaus-am-see.ch I got surprised when I arrived in… Continue reading

7 typical reactions when you tell a foreigner you’re Danish

One of the pleasures of travelling is meeting new people and sharing your cultural differences. Through years of trips around Europe, it has been interesting to experience some common reactions when telling people… Continue reading