Scotland’s touristy treat: Deepfried Mars bar

“Can I have a deepfried Mars bar, please?” This is the most awkward order I ever had to make, but sometimes you have to sacrifice in the name of travel blogging – or due… Continue reading

Couchsurfing in Scotland: Saved by a stranger

We have all tried it. To crash at a friends couch for a night. Possibly a night out – saving us a taxi bill. And we have done the same for our friends of… Continue reading

6 things you’ll miss in photos from Pembrokeshire

If you type in ‘Pembrokeshire coast’ on Google images, you’ll get a long list of stunningly beautiful scenes from the wild wild Wales. But trust me, the coastline of Pembrokeshire is one of those places… Continue reading

A responsible cup of coffee

La Ciudad Invisible Insider tip to: Madrid, Spain What: Café Where: Constanilla de Los Ángeles 7, 28013 Madrid On the line: While living in downtown Madrid, this eco-friendly travel café quickly became my favourite place to write.… Continue reading

My top 5 travel experiences so far this year

I have been extremely fortunate to be able to travel a lot this year. Actually most of the time, since living abroad in Spain has felt like travelling too. And more awaits, but for… Continue reading

A hostel with heart and history

The Old School Hostel Insider tip to: Trefin, Pembrokeshire What: Hostel Where: Ffordd-yr-Afon, Trefin, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 5AU Phone: (+44) 01348 831 800 On the line: If you have travelled on a budget you have most likely… Continue reading

Travelling for contrast

Today I’m writing my blog-entry from a bench in a little chapel. A chapel beside my temporary home here on the rural west coast of Wales. It’s just a couple of weeks ago… Continue reading

An offroad lifestyle

Finally I found some time for an update again. My recent travels from Spain to Switzerland and Denmark didn’t leave much time for reflection, but now I’ve settled for a few weeks in West Wales, where peace and past time… Continue reading

Travel Thoughts: A dream come true

(Cover photo: Switzerland Tourism / / Marcus Gyger) Snowy white mountain peaks, sun-reflecting lakes and grass that really does seem to be greener on the other side. Switzerland is one of my favourite… Continue reading