7 typical reactions when you tell a foreigner you’re Danish

One of the pleasures of travelling is meeting new people and sharing your cultural differences. Through years of trips around Europe, it has been interesting to experience some common reactions when telling people… Continue reading

Local experiences: 5 great events I discovered this year

One of the best things about travelling is the chance to experience local and International events of any kind. To be part of something big – or at least something big for the local… Continue reading

Scotland’s touristy treat: Deepfried Mars bar

“Can I have a deepfried Mars bar, please?” This is the most awkward order I ever had to make, but sometimes you have to sacrifice in the name of travel blogging – or due… Continue reading

Couchsurfing in Scotland: Saved by a stranger

We have all tried it. To crash at a friends couch for a night. Possibly a night out – saving us a taxi bill. And we have done the same for our friends of… Continue reading

6 things you’ll miss in photos from Pembrokeshire

If you type in ‘Pembrokeshire coast’ on Google images, you’ll get a long list of stunningly beautiful scenes from the wild wild Wales. But trust me, the coastline of Pembrokeshire is one of those places… Continue reading

A responsible cup of coffee

La Ciudad Invisible Insider tip to: Madrid, Spain What: Café Where: Constanilla de Los Ángeles 7, 28013 Madrid On the line: www.laciudad-invisible.com While living in downtown Madrid, this eco-friendly travel café quickly became my favourite place to write.… Continue reading

My top 5 travel experiences so far this year

I have been extremely fortunate to be able to travel a lot this year. Actually most of the time, since living abroad in Spain has felt like travelling too. And more awaits, but for… Continue reading

A hostel with heart and history

The Old School Hostel Insider tip to: Trefin, Pembrokeshire What: Hostel Where: Ffordd-yr-Afon, Trefin, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 5AU Phone: (+44) 01348 831 800 On the line: www.oldschoolhostel.com If you have travelled on a budget you have most likely… Continue reading

Travelling for contrast

Today I’m writing my blog-entry from a bench in a little chapel. A chapel beside my temporary home here on the rural west coast of Wales. It’s just a couple of weeks ago… Continue reading

An offroad lifestyle

Finally I found some time for an update again. My recent travels from Spain to Switzerland and Denmark didn’t leave much time for reflection, but now I’ve settled for a few weeks in West Wales, where peace and past time… Continue reading